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How Can 5G Make a Difference in Education?

By the year 2024, 5G will overtake the 4G technology to become the most popular mobile internet access in the US. It is already hitting the mainstream in several industries, including the IoT, smart care, smart cities, healthcare, and whatnot. Now, how do you think 5G can make a difference in education? If you are Read More

Why Canada Banned Huawei From its 5G Network

Huawei gets another shock as Canada Banned Huawei From its 5G Network. Canada is not the first country to have suspicions about Huawei. So, keep reading to uncover all the news; let’s have a look! Canada Bans Huawei From its 5 Network Source The forecast number of 5G subscribers by 2025 will be 3 Billion, Read More

Hidden Security Challenges When Moving to 5G

The 5th generation of wireless technology is rapidly rolling around the world. It assures the jump in reliability and speed, enabling mobile devices to behave like computers connected to the wired network. But 5G networks pose some security challenges facing enterprises and consumers. Hence, it increases the need for using IoT devices. 5G access to Read More

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