Respirable Dust Monitor History

Respirable Dust Monitor History

The need for a Respirable Dust Monitor

It wasn’t until August 1st, 2014; a groundbreaking respirable dust rule went into effect. The rule which was introduced by the United States Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) further adds to the increased list of various protections designed for coal miners.  While effectively closing some loopholes that expose workers to unhealthy coal mine dust at the workplace.

The rules have been part of a government joined efforts aimed at monitoring and reducing the risk of respirable dust.  This dust is harmful to human health, particularly for mine workers.

The historical path to ending risk of respirable dust

Picture of the protest of end black lung--Act NowSince 2009, the battle to end or minimize the life-threatening effects of respirable dust gain momentum following the launching of the “End Black Lung–Act Now.” The campaign enables the mining industry and government watchdog agencies like the MSHA to turn from mere safety matters to critical health challenges in the mining sector. Efforts to lower silica and levels of respirable coal mine dust in the country’s coal mines were ramped up.  They have remained on track in the aftermath of the “End Black Lung—Act Now!”

Effects of the respirable coal dust rule

The respirable coal dust rule that went into effect on August 1st, 2014.  It was another indication of government efforts to curtail the negative effects of respirable dust on coal mine workers and the environment at large. During this period, dust samples results collected by the MSHA, containing this new rule, indicates that compliance can be achieved.  Most importantly, the results show that samples from the dustiest occupations in underground coal mine facilities dropped to a record low of 0.64 milligrams per cubic meter (mg/m3) for 2016.  This was far better than the 2015 average year sample record of 0.70 mg/m3.

What the new respirable dust rule entails is that miners across the nation’s coal mines are now better protected.  This improvement is better than before from the destructive black lung diseases.

Certification testing introduced by the new rule of August 1st, 2014

The new respirable coal dust rule requires that every certified person must pass the applicable MSHA examination.  The examination demonstrates competence in sampling procedures slated under the final mark of 70.202.  Or they will undergo a competency in calibration and maintenance under a final mark of 70.203, for every three years.

Such certification and its strict application have led to a great reduction in cases of black lungs.  Seeing the general effects of respirable coal dust among mine workers reduced from 2014 till 2017. For instance, data released by the MSHA for October 1, 2015, to September 30, 2016, shows there were only 24 deaths recorded in more than 13,000 mines across the nation. This is the lowest from the 34 recorded in 2013.

The MSHA is currently working on a fixed certification testing schedule that will include location and time of test schedules. The third phase of the MSHA respirable dust rule took effect from August 1st, 2016, to date.

Results show that the concentration level of respirable coal mine dust in the air has been limited from 2.0 mg/m3 to 1.5 mg/m3 at the surface and underground coal mines. Also, the concentration for respirable dust is lowered from a range of 1.0 mg/m3 to 0.5 mg/m3 regarding intake air at underground mines, and for miners suffering from pneumoconiosis.



The MSHA has been making a giant stride in the quest to minimize the level of respirable coal mine dust in the air, under and around mining locations in the United States. These efforts have been a work-in-progress, spanning a period of years, with success recorded on every new sample year.

Linda Rawson is the CEO, and Founder of DynaGrace Enterprises, ( which is a Women-Owned, 8(a) Minority, Small Business. She is also the author of The Minority and Women-Owned Small Business Guide to Government Contracts.

DynaGrace Enterprises Moves to New Location in Morgan, Utah

DynaGrace Enterprises Moves to New Location in Morgan, Utah

Sometimes, it is just time.  Time to move!

Mother and Daughter Team in Morgan, Utah Picture by: Britney Brent

Mother and Daughter Team in Morgan, Utah Picture by: Britney Brent

DynaGrace Enterprises Moves to New Location in Morgan, Utah

DynaGrace Enterprises Moves to New Location in Morgan, Utah Picture by: Britney Brent

DynaGrace Enterprises has moved out of a home-based office into a commercial building in Morgan, Utah.  We have determined our growth opportunities need a storefront, and for other legal and regulatory reasons, we moved into a beautiful, rural, commercial, building that allows us to be more successful.

We love having a place where prospective clients routinely visit to make a decision to purchase our services.  We feel we are definitely more professional in a commercial office.

We were limited on space for doing the services that we really want to do such as website design, publishing books, STEM activities for children and a podcast studio.

And well…after 12 years working at home it was time to be more productive in a different environment.  Focus and staying on task are the theme for DynaGrace Enterprises in 2018.

Physically leaving home to go to an office helps us be more efficient and produce more.

We have a pure team environment now with Jennifer Remund, Machelle Lowry and myself, Linda Rawson collaborating on upcoming projects.  We have already jumped into the business community by attending Women In Business events put on by the Northfront Business Resource Center.  We participated in the first-ever Festival of Trees put on by the Morgan Chamber of Commerce.

We have a singular mission, and that is to make DynaGrace Enterprises a Women-Owned, rural, powerhouse for professional business services.

We are an example of the less than one percent in the State of Utah, and we are here to stay and prosper.

Come by and say hello.

The new address is 298 E 300 N, Morgan, Ut  84050.  Our hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM.

DynaGrace Enterprises, Morgan, Utah Picture by: Britney Brent

DynaGrace Enterprises, Morgan, Utah Picture by: Britney Brent

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DynaGrace Enterprises awarded 8(a) STARS II Governmentwide Acquisition Contract (GWAC)

DynaGrace Enterprises awarded 8(a) STARS II Governmentwide Acquisition Contract (GWAC)



DynaGrace Enterprises, Inc. (8a, WOSB, SDB), a trusted partner with the Federal Government, has been awarded the 8(a) STARS II Governmentwide Acquisition Contract (GWAC).

The 8(a) STARS II GWAC is a competitive multiple award, Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) set-aside contract vehicle for small businesses that participate in the Small Business Administration (SBA) 8(a) program.  The efficient, flexible way to order Information Technology services and solutions worldwide, while accruing 8(a) socioeconomic credit, provides Federal agencies a simpler method for procurement of services.  Because DynaGrace Enterprises is also a 100% Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB), the agencies get credit in multiple areas.

The 8(a) STARS II GWAC program has a five-year base with one five-year option.  It has a $10 billion program ceiling and facilitates sole-source, also known as directed award, task orders up to $4 million each.

DynaGrace Enterprises has been selected under Functional Area NAICS codes; (FA1) NAICS 541511 – Custom Computer Programming Services, (FA2) NAICS 541512 – Computer Systems Design Services, and (FA4) NAICS 541519 – Other Computer Related Services.   DynaGrace Enterprises was selected based on cost and non-cost factors including the Contract Administration Plan (CAP), Marketing Action Plan (MAP), Past Performance, Price, and Responsibility.

Linda Rawson, President, and CEO of DynaGrace Enterprises said, “We have been anticipating this award for over two years. We have heard and read many success stories about companies that have prospered by using this GWAC effectively.  DynaGrace Enterprises is ready to capitalize on this contracting vehicle and to leverage the streamlined procurement path to serve our federal customers better.  We really appreciate the General Services Administration (GSA) for creating contract vehicles like the 8(a) STARS II GWAC to assure small business continues to lead innovation in meeting government technology challenges.”

DynaGrace Enterprises is an advanced IT services company delivering high-quality, high-value solutions to the Federal Government in the areas of Information Technology, System Integration, Cybersecurity and Writing services.   DynaGrace Enterprises has the vision to provide pristine service while making the contracting process simple.  The company was founded on the belief that in service to the Federal Government and Commercial clients, we have a critical obligation to the American people, to perform at the highest level for the good of the country.

Customers can learn more about DynaGrace Enterprises by visiting the company’s website at or by calling the company directly at 800-676-0058.

The official press release is here ->

Linda Rawson of Dynagrace Enterprises Releases Children’s Coloring Book on Weather

Linda Rawson of Dynagrace Enterprises Releases Children’s Coloring Book on Weather

WeatherEgg Kids: Weather from A-Z

WeatherEgg Kids: Weather from A-Z

Linda Rawson, President, and CEO of DynaGrace Enterprises – an 8(a), WOSB, Information Technology and writing services company, has published a children’s coloring book on weather.

The title of the book is Weatheregg™ Kids: Weather from A-Z.

Linda was born in a small farming community in Utah.  She was raised by her mother, who was a single mom raising five children. Her mother never went to college and did not have any dreams of owning her own business.  Because of this, Linda thinks it is important for children, especially girl children, to acquire more knowledge and skills in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

“It is a great privilege to bring a small piece of science to children in the hopes that they become our scientists of the future,” stated Linda Rawson, President, and CEO of DynaGrace Enterprises. “DynaGrace Enterprises has been heavily involved in Department of Defense writing and publishing work and loves to help authors get their books written, edited and published.  I believe an example should come from the top of an organization and the more books I can write and publish the better example I am to our valued clients.”

The coloring book contains a weather-related word, pronunciation, and illustration for 26 letters of the alphabet and is available on

Also, DynaGrace Enterprises has developed four animated characters, the Weatheregg™ Kids, that will be used in a mobile application and a web application to teach children about weather.

DynaGrace Enterprises hopes to lead the field in teaching children about the weather while supporting a path of continued growth while maintaining a reputation as a provider of Information Technology and writing services.

Customers can learn more about DynaGrace Enterprises by visiting the company’s website at or by calling the company directly at 800-676-0058.

To purchase the book from Amazon go here ->

A Reminder About The Need for Cyber Security

A Reminder About The Need for Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Cyber Security is currently a real need.  Businesses of all kinds involve sensitive information especially those of customers. As information is usually gained from cyberspace, businesses are not really safe. If the information gets into the wrong hands, the cyber breach could cause catastrophic damage. Also, one small cyber breach on an Industrial Automation facility and production grinds to a halt.

Businesses lose thousands, if not millions of dollars when production stops.

In the last two years the rate of cyber crime has exceeded, and in 2015 alone, there were about 781 publicized security breaches that resulted in the exposure of over 169 million personal records.

Sadly, this number is increasing one year after another.

Such kind of attacks take place when there is a loophole in the techniques and measures adopted for cyber security. Big names like Target, Harvard, and BlueCross have also been a victim of cyber attacks which is proof that none of the big businesses are safe from this threat of getting attacked through cyber.

Over the last 2-3 years, the rate of cyber attack and cyber criminals are getting faster and better at figuring out the wormholes, and sadly this has made it difficult for the businesses to keep up. The conventional protective software has trouble keeping sensitive data secure.

So what to do? IT executives have come up with some innovative strategies that involve automation as a defense tool against such kind of cyber attack and breach of cyber security. Nowadays, the threats have increased, and the IT people are up against constant and persistent attacks and these threats are led by automated bots.

These are intensive attacks and humans cannot keep pace with some such threats, and it becomes difficult to take decisions that trigger the immediate effect. This is the leading cause of automation being incorporated in cyber security. Automation is not powerful but efficient as well.

At the same time, some concerns also surround the aspect of automation in cyber security like:

Lack of Trust: A highly skilled employee would feel capable of giving a response to cyber attack compared to a machine. Not being able to trust technology tends to be a significant obstacle that is difficult to handle with an increase in frequency and complexity.
Change: Another misconception is automation shall replace human workforce. Automation does play a major role in changing how people worked before, but it is creating opportunities for them as well.
To address these perceived shortcomings, there are some significant advantages:

Enhanced Efficiency: With the help of automation, the workflows become more uniformed and streamlined. And the organization becomes stronger regarding cyber security.
Fewer Errors: Majority of the renowned cyber breaches were caused by highly overworked individuals with no harmful intention. Even the experts of IT can make mistakes, but these could be massively damaging with automation, this problem can be eliminated by eradicating some or all of the human involvement.
Better Decisions: Automation allows industries to gather, analyze and prioritize sensitive information that boosts the threat detection and cyber attack management process.
Cyber Security should be the top-most priority of every business/industry leader as the average cost of a cyber attack ranges from $38,000 to staggering $400 billion!

The strategies need to be revised and audited properly to check their efficiency if the business is to keep from becoming the next target.

Automation is rising as an excellent tool for strengthening, boosting and streamlining the response processes to a better defense can be created.

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