With the emergence of cryptocurrency, there are a lot of speculations in the industry. It causes significant price change and attracts various investors who want high returns. At last, regardless of price changes, there are several developments in the crypto world. All significant organizations are migrating to the crypto world, starting from traditional finance companies to the technology sector. So, cryptocurrency is not going anywhere in the coming future. Here are the top 5 crypto predictions for 2022:

Bitcoin will Outperform


The price of Bitcoin has dropped to 41 % in the last few months. But such drops are nothing for BTC holders. With the news of Microstrategy buying the dip, Bitcoin seems to bounce higher in the coming year. Several experts have predicted that it can rise up to $100 K, mainly as government and financial institutions include it in their balance sheets. Therefore, bitcoin will likely outperform with an increase in the stock market in 2022.

Ethereum’s Predictions 

Ethereum is the second-most-valuable cryptocurrency in the world. As per the current scenario, Ethereum’s blockchain can process 30 transactions per second at max. As a result, it improves the platform’s reliability and reduces transaction fees. Experts believe that it will do well in 2022 due to the surge in NFT sales volumes.

Shiba Inu Performance


It is one of the high-performing cryptocurrencies. According to Coinmarketcap, its digital currency priced at $0.000000000078 at the start of 2021. Then, till November the same currency rises to  $0.0000312. It means Shiba Inu generated profits of nearly 40 million% in less than 12 trading months. However, there is plenty of upside potential pending with this token.

Dogecoin Predictions

Once DOGE began as a joke. But now, it has become one of the most valuable cryptocurrencies in the world. It reached almost a high of $0.70 in 2021, and it shows no sign to stop. Moreover, with its current acceptance as a payment form by Tesla, many analysts believe it can eventually surpass $1. So, it will make its way to the recognizable territory.

Polygon (MATIC) 

Polygon (MATIC) is a special coin created to scale Ethereum. Polygon’s ultimate goal is to ensure integration by joining all Ethereum-based decentralized apps. Network validators fully protect the transactions of MATIC. Thanks to its low threshold, potential investors may find it exciting as you need only two MATIC coins to start staking. To do it, connect your MetaMask wallet to the Polygon wallet. The predicted annual return relies on the number of coins you stake.

Closing Thoughts

Now you can guess what value cryptocurrency can have for all investors in the future. But the reality is it is still a speculative investment, without any history for predictions. So no matter what an expert says, no one can really know. Therefore, it is essential to invest only what you are ready to lose and make conventional investments for the long term. Make small crypto investments and never put them above other financial goals like paying off high-interest debt or saving for retirement. 

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