5G is the 5th generation mobile network and the brand new global wireless standard after 4G. The technology is known to bring faster speeds, low latency communications, and high data caps in smartphones.

Nevertheless, it’s quite a talk in the gaming industry too. Wondering the link between 5G and gaming? Here are some of the ways by which the technology is in trend.


There is no doubt that 5g is fast. When we say fast, we mean really fast! If we compare both 5G and 4G, 5G has 20 times the speed of 4G.

If you are planning to download any piece of data, the time taken by 5G will be less than 4G. From the gaming’s perspective, the outcomes will be quite desirable.

About 10 games can be downloaded with 5G while 4G would still be in its first half. Fast Internet speed will render you a better gaming experience too.


5G renders a lower latency. You will notice a difference of 15 milliseconds. It can go from 20 milliseconds to 5 milliseconds.

While the difference might seem small, it’s quite noticeable during gaming. Gamers who have opted for 5G have seen much less latency while playing games with latency issues. It also rendered them a better multiplayer experience.

Unlocks the Reality of VR

VR and 5G

5G can also transform the future of virtual reality. The technology can eliminate the term ‘Virtual’ from ‘Virtual Reality.

That’s because the higher speed and lower latency can free the VR headsets from cords. The processing power will be able to sustain in the cloud and the graphics will be enhanced. It will also price an authentic experience to gamers where they will get haptic feedback.

Turn AR into Reality

When it comes to technology, Augmented reality has surely been in the limelight lately. With that being said, 5G can enhance Augmented Reality by rendering the technological support for immersive game creation.

The Ericsson consumer lab report states that gamers have a takeaway slogan of ‘Ready, Steady, Game!’. It signifies that getting away from reality is the primary aim of playing video games for gamers.

Thus, the in-depth experience rendered by the 5G to AR can assist gamers to get away from reality. As per Ericsson’s study among AR gamers, 4 out of 10 gamers consider AR to be fascinating with immersive games.

Better Flexibility

Lastly, 5G technology can give the much-needed flexibility in games too. When we talk about flexibility, it will be similar to the ones you get in streaming platforms like Netflix.

The energy-efficient technology has the speed to stream both AR and VR content from the cloud. So, yes, you are certainly going to note some transformation.


If you are a gamer then we hope that these 5 things about 5G are worthwhile for you. Be it the speed or flexibility, 5G is going to promise a better tomorrow.

Besides, in the gaming industry, gamers are going to see some epic transformation in numerous aspects. Overall, 5G is a step towards an impressive gaming experience.

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