Cyber attacks are the new age ” war” as the data is crucial. Whether you’re a common person, a startup, a bank, or any organization, you can always welcome attacks. In this new age era, everyone stores all the valuable information on the Cloud. The exchange of every detail is with the help of the internet; it’s crucial to protect it more than ever. So, to avoid all this; keep reading to know seven serious cybersecurity mistakes you’re probably making.

#1 Using a Single Password for all the Accounts


It is probably the most common and ignored mistake people make. If you’re using a strong password for all the important accounts, all your accounts are at risk if one of them is compromised. In 2020 identity theft was up by 42%, compared to 2019. So, use different and strong passwords for all the crucial accounts.

#2 Skipping Updates

Skipping authorized necessary software updates on phones and laptops can prove dangerous. As US banks are getting ready for attacks from Russian hackers, the professionals have advised individuals to be alert too. If you’re not updating software regularly, your system becomes vulnerable and easy for breaching. So, update it timely.

#3 You Always Click on “Agree”

It’s obvious as one can’t read and go through everything and then click on “I Agree” on internet pages. But, it can be very dangerous and bring malicious viruses to your account. So, before clicking “I agree” next time, type:

  • On a Windows PC, press Control + F.
  • On a Mac, press Command + F.

Now, type in terms like “third party,” “GPS,” “tracking,” and “data.” You will find out if there is any data permission. With the US becoming a 6G power, it will welcome some great attacks, and you must take steps with alertness.

#4 Using Unprotected wifi

Using unprotected wifi to work on crucial information is dangerous. For example, suppose you’ve started a venture, and your startup needs a website. While accessing the website, you’re on public wifi. Hackers can easily decode your location with data and ruin your website. So, avoid using public wifi or using VPNs while doing it.

#5 Not Keeping Track of all Online Accounts


Cybercrime is Up by 600% after COVID 19, and at this rate, you can’t think that you’re safe. So, keep track of all your social media accounts as they have your contact details, payment info, and other valuable data. So, having old unused accounts means someone can hack the information. So, take some time, track them all, and delete the unused ones.

#6 Don’t let every App run Your System

The computers and phones come with loads of pre-installed apps. You may never check them, thinking they are safe, and you can’t delete them. But, this puts your information at risk. Many professional hackers can attack these apps to attack your system. So, keep checking and delete them timely.

 #7 Depending Solely on Antivirus

Businesses suffered 50% more cyberattack attempts per Week in 2021, and you may think that antivirus is enough. Well, it is not. It would help if you had a firewall, third-party solutions, and staff training. Also, your home computers must have robust firewalls.

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