Artificial Intelligence and humanity coexist

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Artificial Intelligence, AI, has been integrated into mainstream society, so much so, that most people use it almost every hour of every day without even noticing.  My first experience with AI was through cyborgs in movies and I know some people will go immediately to the killer AI, Skynet, from the Terminator movie franchise.  However, the reality is, AI is a more complex and diverse field than just murderous machines from the future.

Social Media

We interact with Artificial Intelligence every day, for example, social media: the main application that utilizes this technology.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, they use AI to keep tabs on their users and target ads for any content they are advertising.  Even Google’s algorithm is a form of artificial intelligence that helps us all find what we need online in an instant.  Next time you use google search when you are halfway through typing, stop and take a look at the suggestions it provides.  More often than not, it typically pulls like searches from around the world, but it also takes past searches and websites you have visited previously drawing conclusions for suggested web pages. A perfect example of one form of AI in our lives, and a form some of us could not live without.

AI That Moves You

A commonly missed version of AI would be that which is built into our vehicles, from giving us new routes or accurate directions to vehicles that even drive themselves.  Self-driving cars are here and wildly popular; while much of that technology is used in expensive vehicles, it is making its way to the inexpensive models.  For example: many newer vehicles can stop if the car in front stops unexpectedly, what a great use of AI.  Not only that, but AI is also utilized to help people take different routes to and from their destinations based on traffic patterns, just as google draws conclusions for suggested web pages, AI frequently saves time via alternate routes while driving. AI is everywhere!!

AI Fears

Some people have raised concerns with the rapid rate of development of AI, the fear that they are invading our privacy.  This fear is justifiable when most of our first interactions with this technology are Hollywood blockbusters with murderous AI’s that try to wipe out all humanity, but let’s remember AI is more than that.  This popular movie premise has some people living off the grid to avoid all intelligence, but it is important to remember, good or bad we are making great strides and our nation is prosperous, in part, due to those strides in AI.  At the end of the day, AI can scare you, it can inspire you, or it can do a bit of both, but the decision to accept AI into our life is up to us!


Biometric Identification and Cybersecurity

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