WeatherEgg Kids at the Hill AFB Airshow

WeatherEgg Kids at the Hill AFB Airshow

WeatherEgg Kids were at the  2018 Hill AFB Warriors over the Wasatch Utah Airshow with Haight Bey & Associates.

Haight Bey & Associates do weather stations.  Furthermore, they have a government contract to support and sustain the US Air Force Global Strike Command’s (AFGSC) Fixed Based Weather Observing System (FBWOS) and the AN/TMQ-53 Tactical Meteorological Observing System (TMOS).  As a result of their weather interest, they reached out to DynaGrace Enterprises to provide a few WeatherEgg Kids activities for the STEM building at the  What an excellent opportunity to have children build anemometers, color in pages from the WeatherEgg Kids: Weather from A-Z: Coloring Book and build some windsocks.

Linda Rawson, of DynaGrace Enterprises, has a saying she always says.  If kids are going to learn science, why not weather science?

There are many reasons why learning about climate and meteorology are essential.  Weather Science is a big part of the “S” in STEM education.  Weather is observable and measurable.  You still have to record and chart data.  Make graphs.  Find trends.  We are creating little scientists in our society, and a hands-on learning approach is the ultimate teaching method.

Haight Bey & Associates LLC is a small, veteran-owned and certified ISO 9001-2015 engineering service company. Most noteworthy about Haight Bey is that they are focused on delivering exceptional and cost-effective systems engineering solutions, including technical and logistics services.  They provide scheduled or unscheduled maintenance, field and depot electromechanical repair, and system lifecycle planning, including new product insertion and product obsolescence solutions.

Whether you know it or not, your organization is subject to cybersecurity requirements is the motto of Haight Bey and they have made a name for themselves in the Salt Lake City area for Cybersecurity.


Wherever Dust is Created, Particles Need to be Counted

Wherever Dust is Created, Particles Need to be Counted

DustCount 8899 – Respirable Dust Monitor

DustCount 8899 – Respirable Dust Monitor

Many industrial sites generate dust including Construction (Silica Dust), Fabrication (Metal, Wood, Silica Dust), Foundries (Metal Dust), Food Processing (Sugar, Flour, Chemical Dust), and Petroleum (Chemical Dust).

Engineered for timely, high-quality, dust exposure information, the DustCount 8899 – Respirable Dust Monitor, monitors dust exposure before the amount approaches regulatory limits.  The monitor helps ensure the industrial worker’s health is in good hands.

Sizes of Dust

Dust size Type Details
Above 50um Inhalable (Sinus) Immediate clearing is done with a sneeze or blow.
10-50um Micron Thoracic (Lung) Windpipe, Larynx, alternatively, bronchial Clearing can happen within a day or two by coughing or spitting.
1-10um Respirable (Lung). Particles penetrate the lungs. Lungs take years to remove this dust, and this amount of particles are a huge cancer risk.
Below 1um Respirable (Lung). Particles penetrate the lungs and can get into the bloodstream. Years to remove dust.  Cells mutate to form cancer.

What is the problem?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) estimates that 2.3 million workers are exposed to the dust, including 2 million individuals who work in construction.

According to an article on work-related lung problems are quite common, and 17% of adult asthma in the United States may be caused by work exposure.  Many adult workers see their asthma symptoms increase in their workplace.

The top 3 worker diseases according to the World Health Organization are:

  1. Cancer 53%
  2. Circulatory: 28%
  3. Respiratory: 6%

Dust causes all the diseases.

Also, another very interesting article completed by the European Commission discusses Limits on Exposure to Carcinogens and Mutagens at Work.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Fact Sheet,  2.3 million workers in the United States are exposed to the dust, including 2 million individuals who work in construction.

OSHA issued its final rule, §1926.1153 Respirable crystalline silica, with standards for both construction and general industry and maritime. Both standards went into effect in June 2016; however, general industry and maritime have until June 23, 2018, to comply except in the following areas:

  • Medical surveillance must be available by June 23, 2020, to employees who will be exposed to levels at or above the action level of 25 micrograms per cubic meter of air averaged during an 8-hour shift for 30 or more days a year.
  • Hydraulic fracturing operations in the oil and gas industry must institute by June 23, 2021, dust controls to limit exposures to the new PEL.

Main Causes of Worker Cancer

  1. Asbestos – particles
  2. Shift work
  3. Mineral oils
  4. Solar radiation
  5. Silica dust – particles
  6. Diesel exhaust – particles

Advantages of DustCount 8899 – Respirable Dust Monitor

  • Combination of small package, real-time, sample cassette – an easier job
  • Compact/light package – greater worker acceptance, ease of use
  • Real-time readings – can be used to track the location of problems,
  • Data from real-time – gives credibility and proof for IH in a corporate discussion
  • Graphical results – great for training, instantaneous graphical proof of danger
  • Real-time warning of danger.  Eliminate workers working without a mask and only putting on a monitor when the unit alarms and removing the monitor when alarm stops
  • Higher accuracy – The same dust read in real-time is collected in the cassette.
  • Comfort using this test instead of a standard method test
  • Easy to use – GUI, wireless and auto pump
  • Cost – purchase one unit for personal wearable real-time and standard
  • Method and sample analysis and use as portable.

Features/Benefits of DustCount 8899 – Respirable Dust Monitor

  • Small compact size – greater worker acceptance
  • Real-time – instantaneous results, correlation with the location, worker relief, lower sampling cost, data for credibility
  • Combination device – lower cost to do the job, higher accuracy
  • Standard Method – meet regulatory requirements, familiar SOPs
  • Graphical data – visual proof for training and discussion with corp
  • Sample Analysis – familiar material determinations (XRD, IR)
  • Wireless communication – ease of setup, ease of data capture
  • Automated operation
  • Particle Distribution – correlation with dust type
  • Particle Count – the future key to worker safety, new regulations
  • Pinpoint the location of problems, avoid costly ventilation expense
  • Save money and time by having IH only do the testing once
    • The standard method is done first then use a real-time test is done afterward
    • The worker does a complete test
  • Save money on time by not having to wait on labs

DynaGrace Enterprises is proud to be a distributor for the DustCount 8899 – Respirable Dust Monitor manufactured by Nanozen and is currently in final review to be available on GSA Schedule 66: Scientific Equipment and Services.

To purchase this item, please see the item in our shop ->


Dynagrace Enterprises Receives Uswcc Edwosb Certification

Dynagrace Enterprises Receives Uswcc Edwosb Certification

DynaGrace Enterprises is one of the most recent beneficiaries of the U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce (USWCC) Federal: Economically Disadvantaged Women-Owned Small Business (EDWOSB) Certification. DynaGrace Enterprises’s President and CEO, Linda Rawson and Vice President, Jennifer Remund accepted the award from the USWCC. Under Margot Dorfman’s leadership, the U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce is an approved 3rd Party Certifier for the federal government Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB) Program as authorized by section 811 of the Small Business Reauthorization Act of 2000, Public Law 106-554 (15 U.S. C. 637(m)).

The USWCC is the leading advocate for women on economic and leadership issues.

Margot Dorfman, CEO, USWCC, EDWOSB

Margot Dorfman, CEO, USWCC

As the economic leader for women, the USWCC creates opportunities, drives progress, advocates, and provides tools and solutions.  By doing these amazing things they support the economic growth of women across America. The USWCC ( is a not-for-profit 501(c)6 organization founded in 2001 with over 500,000 members; its headquarters are in Washington, D.C.

DynaGrace Enterprises was an SBA self-certified, EDWOSB but chose to obtain additional certification to support the USWCC.

Also, the USWCC are bringing three significant issues to the forefront for EDWOSB’s performing government work. Those issues are:

  1. Adding a sole source in alignment with other socioeconomic programs
  2. Removing the Contracting Officer’s obligation to verify the validity of self-certification
  3. Holding agency leaders accountable for using the program.

“It is a great privilege to be not only a rural business, but a women-owned, family business, and we are excited to utilize programs like the USWCC EDWOSB program to obtain more work to provide jobs,” stated Linda Rawson, President, and CEO of DynaGrace Enterprises. “DynaGrace Enterprises has been heavily involved in Department of Defense work and is moving full forward in obtaining more government contracts. The government is providing the mechanism, socioeconomic set-asides, additional insight, and resources needed to acquire government contracts which in turn provide jobs.  The EDWOSB opportunity is a win-win for our small business.”

Groups, like the USWCC, are making a difference.

Furthermore, their lawsuit compelled the SBA to implement the Equity in Contracting for Women Act of 2000. The federal government is failing.  They are not meeting the 5% goal and women-owned firms have lost over $120 Billion in contracting dollars.

As of today, the Small Business Dashboard shows some 4.08% which is one percent lower than the required spend of 5%.

Furthermore, with only four months to go in the fiscal year the government is in the final stretch.  As a result, the anticipated WOSB set-asides should increase.

DynaGrace Enterprises is a 100% Women-Owned Small Business and provides Information Technology, System Integration, Writing and Business services, quality products and innovative solutions for government and commercial businesses of all sizes.

Customers can learn more about DynaGrace Enterprises by visiting the company’s website at or by calling the company directly at 888-676-0058.

DynaGrace Enterprises Selected 2017 Business of the Year

DynaGrace Enterprises Selected 2017 Business of the Year

SBDC Davis Morgan Business of the Year 2017

SBDC Davis Morgan Business of the Year 2017

DynaGrace Enterprises was selected as the 2017 Small Business Development Center (SBDC) business of the year for Davis/Morgan Counties.

DynaGrace Enterprises was nominated by Andrew Willis, the director of the Davis County SDBC.

“The SDBC has been a very important resource to us,” Linda said, “Andrew gave us recommendations for our business that have proven extremely valuable.  He has also assisted us in obtaining the market research we’ve needed in developing our growth strategy.  The SDBC has provided us services, consultation, and recommendations, which we value and use.”

Recently DynaGrace Enterprises obtained a physical building and moved from its home office.  The new office includes space for a podcast studio that can be used for video productions too.

The award was accepted at the Utah State Capital on a rural day.  Furthermore, rural Day on the Utah Capitol Hill is not an easy day, but the rewards are great. Participants receive their list of appointments during an early morning briefing on the issues, then move through a full day of meetings with Representatives, Senators, and their staff. Some meetings are very successful, some are not. But together they create an impression and help build the momentum our professional representatives need to secure Congressional action on the issues that are most important to the health and prosperity of our businesses.

The Small Business Development Center Program of Utah is funded in part through a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Small Business Administration. The SBDC program is also funded in part by the Governors Office of Economic Development (GoED).  The Davis/Morgan County Center is also grateful to our sponsors who provide financial assistance and resources.  SBDCs provide services through professional business advisors such as: development of business plans; manufacturing assistance; financial packaging and lending assistance; exporting and importing support; disaster recovery assistance; procurement and contracting aid; market research services; aid to 8(a) firms in all stages; and healthcare information.


DynaGrace Enterprises Ribbon Cutting

DynaGrace Enterprises Ribbon Cutting

DynaGrace Enterprises Ribbon Cutting

DynaGrace Enterprises Ribbon Cutting

The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and Open House for DynaGrace Enterprises was held on Saturday, Feb 3rd.

DynaGrace Enterprises has moved out of a home-based office into a commercial building in Morgan, Utah. DGE has determined their growth opportunities needed a storefront, and for other legal and regulatory reasons, DGE moved into a beautiful, rural, commercial, building that allows them to be more successful.

A good portion of the community of Morgan, Utah came out to support their ribbon cutting ceremony. DGE loves having a place where prospective clients routinely visit to make a decision to purchase their services. DGE feels they are definitely more professional in a commercial office.

DynaGrace Enterprises was limited on space for doing the services that they really wanted to do such as website design, publishing books, STEM activities for children and a podcast studio. After 12 years working at home, it was time to be more productive in a different environment. Focus and staying on task are the theme for DynaGrace Enterprises in 2018.

According to CEO and Founder, Linda Rawson, “Physically leaving home to go to an office helps us be more efficient and produce more.”

DynaGrace Enterprises has a pure team environment with Jennifer Remund and Linda Rawson
collaborating on upcoming projects. These women have already jumped into the business community.  They regularly attend Women in Business events put on by the Northfront Business Resource Center. They also serve on the Morgan County Chamber board.  DynaGrace Enterprises participated in the first-ever Festival of Trees put on by the Morgan County Chamber of Commerce.

Linda Rawson states, “We have a singular mission, and that is to make DynaGrace Enterprises a Women-Owned, rural, powerhouse for professional business services. Our Women-Owned business is in the one percent in the State of Utah and we are here to stay and prosper.”

The new address is 298 E 300 N, Morgan, UT 84050. The hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM.

DynaGrace Enterprises is a 100% Women-Owned Small Business.  We provide Information Technology, System Integration, Writing and Business services, quality products and innovative solutions for government and commercial businesses of all sizes.

Customers can learn more about DynaGrace Enterprises by visiting the company’s website at or by calling the company directly at 888-676-0058.

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