Benefits of Staff Augmentation for Businesses

Benefits of Staff Augmentation for Businesses

Staff augmentation is connecting between the available talents pool along with intensive skills.  Also, it focuses on the availability of short-term positions in the IT sector. 

Nowadays, staff augmentation is increasingly becoming the most sought as it involves flexibility in the workforce. Now let’s go through the benefits of staff augmentation for businesses.

Hire On The Go

One of the primary benefits of IT staff augmentation is its flexibility. It allows organizations to hire staff for their short-term requirements. 

Firms can replace their permanent staff with skilled professionals to fulfill the requirement for a specific duration. This flexible hiring option prevents businesses from incurring additional costs of permanent hiring.

Access To A Larger Talent Pool

Staff-Augmentation benefit


Staff augmentation helps to access a large talent pool of skilled professionals in different sectors. Permanent hiring of employees restricts the organization’s ability to leverage the available market talent. 

On the other side, it also allows the better hiring of millennials with intensive skill training. 

Cost-Effective Competitive Edge

These services also make sure to provide a cost-effective means to power from specific skill sets. Since firms can hire professionals for specific project, therefore they need not have to bear long-term cost for their staff. 

Therefore, recruiting employees for the specific project allows organizations to pay for the talent only for the requisite period.

Operational Efficiency

Most small-scale businesses incur large amounts of operational costs, especially during lean periods. Therefore, staff augmentation firms endorse operational efficiency that allows flexible working platforms. 

When firms tie up with supplying organizations, then they do not have to bear the infrastructural costs of the building. The professionals have the choice to work remotely or from the workspaces of the organizations. 

The best part is that despite the remote working, people are completely responsible to the employing firm and their management. Therefore, these services not only reduce the cost of hiring skilled professionals but also reduce the cost of operation. 

Expansion and Adaptation

Flexible hiring options let the businesses enlarge their operations without investing in a large workforce. Often companies seek to scale up their businesses and take benefit from the prevailing market conditions. 

However, the drowning of investments and accompanying risks of failure serves as a roadblock to such scaling. Here, staff augmentation comes in handy to the aid of such firms. 

It allows organizations to hire people on a project basis to test their acceptability and capability in the new markets. Hence, it opens new innovation opportunities for firms looking for expansion.

Access to New and Contemporary Opinions

A benefit of IT staff augmentation allows businesses to connect with a large set of professionals with different ideas. Project-specific recruitment allows firms the ability to leverage new ideas to drive their business operations.

Final Words

Staff augmentation for the business sector helps to attain its inception phase. It is the best alternative model for staffing. Every organization benefits from this flexible hiring option. 

It helps to leverage the capabilities of professionals in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Therefore, it acts as an effective bridge for pooling talent for firms for specific durations. So, these are the top benefits of staff augmentation for businesses.

The Latest Trends Shaping the Engineering World In 2021

The Latest Trends Shaping the Engineering World In 2021

Due to some pandemic situations, 2020 was a year of pause and transition in the engineering world.  But 2021 is the time of innovation as well as pivoting. 

It’s time to encourage professionals to halt work and to introduce new methods, and put them into practice. As we settle into 2021, it is manifest that certain trends will continue to flourish in this period. Below are some trends that are shaping the engineering world in 2021.

A Heightened Concern with Sustainability and Climate Resilience 

Engineering Trends 2021


A key focus for 2021 is the innovative green alternatives and development of infrastructures with regard to climate change. Sustainable Future is a common alliance between the U.S. Conference of Mayors and the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions.

In the released reports of 2020 by CCES, 60% across the U.S. have significantly expanded a climate initiative or policy. In addition, they are displaying a proactive approach to protect the natural environment and enhancing existing infrastructure resilience to climate change.

Rising Investment In Bicycle And Pedestrian Infrastructure 

Connecting from the similar climate cautious mindset that articulates in trend, pedestrian and biking infrastructures are also greener alternatives. Moreover, it also continues to grow in popularity in the coming years as well.

Technology Brings Better Ways To Visualize Projects 

Visualization technologies, including 3D modeling, are gaining popular traction as feasible solutions throughout the challenging year of 2020. Still, the advantages of these tools show that they will prolong to play a part moving forward. 

While it is in the beginning phases of design, still 3D animations proffer a better understanding of a project. The best part about visualizing a project offers easy problem-solving solutions. Further, it also reduces the overall costs of the project as well as offers higher satisfaction for the same.

Virtual Public Engagement Is Here To Stay 

Virtual Public Engagement


Virtual public engagement is one of the efficient as well as price-conscious options to in-person engagements. Now, with more tools accessible in the engineering world, events and virtual engagements will last well further than present circumstances.

Some examples of virtual tools consist of: 

  • Drone filming as well as photography 
  • High-definition webcams with 360-degree
  • Webinars, virtual meetings, and video conferencing 
  • Special websites 
  • Deliberate social media 
  • Outreach email online surveys

The Need For Creative, Multi-Family Land Developments 

In the past few decades, housing marketing has become variable. Leaving cities behind now, people across generations are looking for houses in rural areas. 

Though, the vast amenities, as well as cultural experiences, are still preferable. Therefore, this rising demand along with the limited supply generates an opportunity for all private developers to discover creative options.  It includes options like duplexes, multiplexes, townhomes, bungalow courts, as well as live-work spaces.

Final Words

All in all, we can say that there is much more scope and opportunities available in the engineering sector. Moreover, the above discussion is beneficial for you to know about the latest trends shaping the engineering world in 2021.

Internet of Bodies: Definition, Examples, and Future

Internet of Bodies: Definition, Examples, and Future

Internet-connected devices are flourishing in recent years as people and businesses are using smart devices for their convenience.  When the “Internet of Things” gets connected to your body, the outcome is the “Internet of Bodies.” 

Basically, the IoB is an addition to IoT and connects your body to a network with the help of devices. You can implant, ingest, or connect such devices to your body in some way.

When such a device connects to your body, it helps to exchange the data. Further, you can also monitor and control both the device as well as the body with it.

Latest Examples of Internet of Bodies

The examples given below will help you learn more about the internet of bodies. All these devices play a vital role in the technology innovations in the logistic industry.

Implantable Cardiac Devices

Implantable cardioverter-defibrillators and cardiac pacemakers give real-time as well as incessant information about your cardiac fluctuations. In addition, they also regulate heart rates if your hearts beat too slow or too fast. 

The best part is that these devices help in treating heart failure as well. If you want to use such devices, then implant them in the chest. Then the transmitter, which is located in your home, wirelessly transfers the recorded information to your physician.

Productivity Technology

internet of bodies

In order to record and track the workers’ locations, Amazon has patented a technology for a wristband. If it senses a pause in productivity then it will vibrate to make employees focus on their work. 

Health Trackers

IoB watches, bracelets, smartphone apps, and rings help to track heart rate, steps, and sleep patterns. Some devices also offer user-friendly information that offers greater visibility in individuals’ own health. 

Such devices help individuals to make out and look for care regarding their health issues. Moreover, they persuade for better preventative health measures, including exercises and a healthy diet. 

Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing

The genetic testing kits offer ancestry information as well as insights on disease and health risks. For these tests, you have to provide a sample of blood or saliva to the attendant. Then they will examine the sample for genetic variations.

Emotional Sensors

Artificial intelligence (AI) software firms are making systems that help to collect data on human emotions. These devices will analyze your voice intonations, facial expressions, and other audio as well as visual signals. 

Future of the Internet of Bodies

As people are becoming more conscious about their well-being, therefore IOB technology plays a vital role in an individual’s health. It is really important to take every possible step for the development and advancement of these devices. IoB developers have to perform multiple researches and spread information about the pragmatic as well as real benefits of it. 

Final Words

IOB is one of the essential elements for maintaining a balance regarding your health. It plays a vital role in daily life as it displays a high level of important information about your body. So you must learn all about the latest devices of IOB.

How the USA is Leveraging Data Science to Gather Air Pollution Insights

How the USA is Leveraging Data Science to Gather Air Pollution Insights

A professor at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health Dominici presents the Henry W. Kendall Memorial Lecture at MIT. She reveals how leveraging huge amounts of data in the United States affects air pollution levels on human health.

For providing a data-driven foundation, their efforts are critical to building environmental regulations as well as human health policy. But they say that the results will be excellent when they use data science and evidence to notify policy.

How Data Science to Gather Air Pollution Insights



In the past 20 years, air pollution is dramatically dropping in nationwide. Dominici says on average, we all are breathing clean air. But some research also shows that even with relatively low air pollution levels, it may be harmful to health.

In addition, current patterns of diminishing air pollution left some geographic areas worse off than others. In the various studies, Dominici hone on some specific type of harmful air pollution called fine particulate matter.

These tiny particles are less than 2.5 microns in width. They come from multiple sources like industrial facilities that burn fossil fuel and vehicle emissions.

These particulate matters can go in very deep into the lungs and then get into your blood. Further, it can lead to cardiovascular disease, systemic inflammation, and a weak immune system.

To examine the risk PM2.5 poses on human health, Dominici made data about people and the environment they experience. One dataset provides information for more than 60 million Americans who sign up for Medicare. It includes not only their health history but also other factors, including Zip code and socioeconomic status.

On the other side, a team of Joel Schwartz, who is a professor of environmental epidemiology, combines satellite data on weather. This data also includes air pollution, land use and unite them with air quality data from the EPA’s national network.

This helps them to create a model that offers a daily level of PM2.5 for every square kilometer. In this way, they can assign people’s daily exposure to PM2.5 who registers themselves in the Medicare system.

For acquiescing several findings, it is vital to combine and analyze these datasets. On the basis of present NAAQS for PM2.5, levels which are less than 12 micrograms per cubic meter are safe.

Final Words

Dominici’s team also says that even levels less than standard may possess a higher risk of death. Further, they say by reducing the standard to 10 micrograms per cubic meter, the air quality becomes more rigorous.  It will help to save approximately 140,000 lives over a decade.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, problems regarding both environmental injustice and air pollution are at harsh relief. They also say that how long-term exposure increases the risk of dying from Covid-19.

Data scientist is the best way to find all those factors that are influencing serious environmental policy decisions. Moreover, this pandemic can also provide an additional source to control emissions regarding fossil fuels. In this way, scientists are using data science to gather air pollution insights.

How Could 5G Make Augmented Reality And Mixed Reality More Real?

How Could 5G Make Augmented Reality And Mixed Reality More Real?

AR, MR, and 5G are some of the most essential aspects of technological-friendly work. The blend of three can help in manufacturing interesting devices with a wow factor. Let’s discuss such devices and how the 5G connection has played an important role in making AR and MR real.

The Evolution of Display

The main challenge with technologies like AR or VR headsets is that people do not want anything more than limited accessories. When we talk about that, they want things to be the size of the glasses. Anything that exceeds that size is not preferred by the users.

However, incorporating the intensity of graphics and display technology for a high-quality VR/AR is quite unlikely at present. With that being said, numerous organizations are trying to achieve the same. These companies are trying to experiment with unique designs to render a satisfactory experience.

It separates the computing elements from head-mounted glass displays. These designs encourage the use of smartphones and wired connections to the glass for an appealing experience.

Apple is known to be working with similar concepts. Maybe it involved a wireless connection between an iPhone and a glass-like display. However, people believe that it’s going to take years to reach that level of proficiency.

5G: The Future of Augmented Reality

5G and augmented reality

Augmented Reality is likely to benefit a lot from the energy-efficient 5G technology. Thus, 5G is considered as the future of AR. In the Augmented World Expo show, Qualcomm, which is a smartphone and 5G chipmaker, announced a distinct two-part design for release. The decision was taken in presence of numerous other smartphone makers and telecom providers globally.

Companies like Panasonic, Oppo, Pico, and NReal have come up with XR viewers that get connected through a USB-C cable. The USB-C cable gets connected to Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 or 865-powered 5G smart mobile devices. These devices are available from brands like Oppo, Asus, OnePlus, etc.

Qualcomm elaborated the in-depth details of the XR Optimized program. It confirms that the XR viewers and smart devices should follow similar critical Technical specs and software standards. This will allow them to work together efficiently.

5G Technology

One of the major parts of these devices is the 5G technology. For detailed image quality and location-specific Information, both XR viewers and smartphones require cloud computing connection.

Being a fast and low-latency technology, 5G on viewers can deliver high-resolution images from clouds. It can enhance the overall experience of head-mounted displays. Besides, it can also integrate location-specific details.

Microsoft is also known to introduce 5G in their business-focused HoloLens 2 MR headset through a plug-in module. In addition, XR viewers are different from HoloLens 2. In this case, HoloLens 2 has all the computing elements within the headset. The outcomes are quite good and it’s costly too.

However, HoloLens 2 will use the 5G connection to render access to cloud computing resources. Moreover, concepts like spatial anchors can encourage two people wearing HoloLens and interacting with the same virtual objects.

It’s quite clear that AR and MR are likely to be the future of technology. With that being said, 5G is going to be the spinal cord of the same. The perk of an always-connected 5G link is quite clear.

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