The IOT is significantly growing in the industry and has a great scope. It is a network of people or physical objects called “things” embedded with software, networks, electronics, and sensors. It allows these objects to exchange and collect data to extend the Internet connectivity from mobile, computer, tablet, to other devices. Several industries use the IoT (Internet of things) in smart cities, smart homes, IoT e-commerce chains, farming, and manufacturing.

The following are some of the fascinating companies involved in the Internet of things worldwide:

GE Digital

best IoT companies


GE Digital aims to be one of the world’s most well-known innovators. It focuses on IOT solutions for disrupting industries like energy, manufacturing, telecommunications, and power generation. In addition, it offers customers problems and domain expertise to the industry. It uses analytics and digital twin capabilities to extract beneficial business insights. In addition, it helps us to tie insights with business outcomes through automating workflows. So, the company has various notable projects or achievements under its belt.

IBM Corporation

IBM Corporation is one of the biggest computing giants based in Armonk, NY, developing its own IBM Watson (IoT Platform). It focuses on being secure, simple, and scalable. This IoT Platform service adds analytic and blockchain services for the proper organization of device data into practical applications. In addition, this IoT platform allows designers to benefit from IoT services on large and small scales.

Amazon Web Services

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AWS brings an incredible array of machine learning and data analysis tools with several frameworks for IOT insights. Of course, it is now one of the best cloud providers that offer themselves as a general-purpose IoT back-end. However, AWS is the first to pull these elements and set the standard reasonably. Though it is difficult to sense an overall market share for AWS products, the enterprise IoT users survey rated them third among IoT platforms.

Amazon’s IOT offerings focus heavily on back-end storage, general and analysis management of the data that came from IoT implementations. So,  people will not buy sensors, networking elements or edge hardware from Amazon. But AWS will handle the data manipulation.


Cisco didn’t have the in-house expertise for advancing its IoT portfolio, so Cisco acquired it. Also, the company is applying its networking expertise to IoT-specific issues and integrating connectivity options smoothly.

CISCO produces a networking control suite and an IOx version for edge devices and ruggedized wireless gear mainly for industrial environments. It is one of the most prominent players. It made its presence seen in major IoT market segments, including automotive, gas and oil, and healthcare. In addition, it has an active presence in many parts of the IoT stack.

Microsoft Corporation

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Microsoft Corporation is one of the famous tech giants that have thrown their hat in the IoT space. They use their Microsoft Azure cloud management services for creating an IoT platform to operate with billions of IoT assets. Currently, Microsoft is investing a significant amount in IoT research. Moreover, it is a leading company of this technology.


The companies mentioned above offer different solutions that help businesses explore revenue streams and solve digital challenges with IoT technology.

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