Our Engineering services include evaluating electrical systems, products, and components to determine the best items. In addition, we confirm capabilities and product quality by designing testing methods. We prepare reports by collecting, analyzing and summarizing data and trends.



  • Electrical Engineering
  • Engineering Drawings, Drawing Packages
  • Technical Data, Configuration Management, Data Validation/Verification
  • Computer-Aided Design (CAD), AutoCAD, CATIA
  • Custom Software Development, Embedded Software Integration with Hardware
  • Hardware Design including Circuit Boards and Processors
  • Automatic Test Equipment (ATE)
  • C#, C , Automatic Test Language All Systems (ATLAS)

System Engineering Process

DynaGraceEnterprises System Engineering Process

Following a System Engineering process for the development and sustainment of hardware, DynaGrace Enterprises considers all aspects of support for any given engineering effort.  Your requirements for a new or existing system are developed and modified utilizing an iterative life cycle System Engineering Process.

The primary objective of the System Engineering Process is to ensure that the targeted systems/subsystems perform as intended and that the system design is supported a long time and is affordable.

System Testing

System Level Test

System Testing is a level of the software/hardware testing where a complete and integrated test is performed.  The purpose of System Testing is to evaluate and verify the system’s compliance with the specified requirements.

The controlled conditions should include both normal and abnormal conditions. System Level Testing should intentionally attempt to make things go wrong to determine if things happen when they shouldn’t or things don’t happen when they should.

Programming Languages

DynaGrace Enterprises can help you investigate and work on existing systems as well as new systems.  We know programming languages including Automatic Test Language for All Systems (ATLAS), Teradyne LASAR, TBASIC, NI LabView, and C/C routines.

Engineering Drawings

DynaGrace Enterprises has the capability generate engineering drawings using state-of-the-art workstations (primarily AutoCAD, Inventor, and SolidWorks. Documentation is provided in SGML (or other Government required format) and engineering drawings are provided in JEDMICS compatible format (including metadata) while also assuring full compliance with Air Force standards.


DynaGrace Enterprises identifies Technical Data Package requirements during the early stages of project performance and works with the customer to review and update documentation needs throughout the System Engineering Process. Documentation requirements (e.g., CAD Drawings, T.O. Figures, JEDMICS data, etc.) are also reviewed and coordinated with Government stakeholders as an integral component of Program Management.

DynaGrace Enterprises utilizes peer reviews, design walkthroughs, internal reviews, and formal product reviews/audits with stakeholders to ensure document quality and completeness. This process of checks and balances has been applied successfully throughout the course of many jobs.

DynaGrace Enterprises has the capability to generate and convert engineering/technical documentation to digital format and has supported several contract efforts requiring the transition of pre-existing documentation to SGML, PDF, and IPDF formats.

Documentation Tools

  • Library of Documentation Templates
  • Engineering drafting and simulation workstations (including AutoCAD, Inventor, Altium Designer, Solid Works)
  • Use of third-party laser-tracking (e.g., Faro Laser Tracker V2) to generate Technical Data Packages
  • Joint Engineering Data Management Information and Control System (JEDMICS) (AF repository for eng drawings)
  • MS Office Products (i.e., MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Project, and Visio)
  • Microsoft Visual Studio to support web-based documentation
  • High speed document scanners
  • Custom Print Formatted Output Specification Instance (FOSI)
  • Arbortext Epic
  • Adobe Acrobat, Capture, and Distiller
  • Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Automated Message Handling System (AMHS) (Air Force interim TOs)
  • Comprehensive Integrated Technical Order Management System (CITOMS) (Air Force TO update/tracking of AFTO 22/252’s)
  • Enhanced Technical Information Management System (ETIMS) (Air Force TO repository)
  • Joint Computer-aided Acquisition and Logistic Support (JCALS) System (DoD engineering and technical documentation)
  • Logistics Support Activity (LOGSA) (Army electronic technical manuals)

Breadth and Depth of Engineering of Expertise and Experience

DynaGrace Enterprises has expertise in legacy systems as well as cutting edge technology. Our project portfolio is impressive and we are here to help with the most professional engineers in the business.

Past Performance

A-10C Portable Automatic Test Station (PATS) Test Program Set Software Development – Provided engineer services in researching, testing, and validating Test Program Set (TPS) hardware and software design including development activities to test a Unit Under Test (UUT) and the host Automatic Test Equipment (ATE). Established or modified hardware and software documentation, coded software test programs and integrated and tested the TPS on the PATS ATE. Hill AFB, Utah.

Analog Test Program Set (TPS) Sustainment Engineering Support – Investigated and worked Materiel Improvement Projects (MIPs) for the 309th SMXG/MXDED. Provided engineering services to investigate and modify appropriate software/hardware of Test Program Sets (TPSs). Hill AFB, Utah.

Logistics Support of Engineering and Technical Data – Illustrators created illustrations utilizing AutoCAD, Adobe Products, and CATIA from drawings in electronic or hand-drawn work. Drawings were verified by a QA/QC process to conform to MIL-STD-38784A. When an IETM format was required, illustrators utilized CGM and web-based CGM formats. Hill AFB, Utah.

Technical Data Creation – Created a de-installation TO for the CW-396 Space Frame Radome used on the AN/FPS-117 Atmospheric Early Warning System (AEWS) Weapons System. Developed a level-three data package including all engineering data and specifications. Created a Deployable Debriefing Facility (DDF) data package and incorporated changes into existing drawing packages. Hill AFB, Utah.

Versatile Depot Automatic Test System (VDATS) – Provided engineering, and technical and configuration management services for the software and hardware required for VDATS including delivery of Test Program Sets (TPSs). The TPSs included the Interface Test Adapter (ITA) and ancillary equipment to augment the capability of the Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) test station. Hill AFB, Utah.


541330: Engineering Services
541511: Custom Computer Programming Services
541420: Industrial Design Services

541512: Computer Systems Design Services
561990: All Other Support Services
541620: Environmental Consulting Services



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