The 8(a) STARS II GWAC is a competitive multiple award, Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) set-aside contract vehicle for small businesses that participate in the Small Business Administration (SBA) 8(a) program. The efficient, flexible way to order Information Technology services and solutions worldwide, while accruing 8(a) socioeconomic credit, provides Federal agencies a simpler method for procurement of services.

Because DynaGrace Enterprises is also a 100% Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB), the agencies get credit in multiple areas.

The 8(a) STARS II GWAC program has a five-year base with one five-year option. It has a $10 billion program ceiling and facilitates sole-source, also known as directed award, task orders up to $4 million each.

Are sole source task orders permitted?

Yes, based on Section 8(a) of the Small Business Act (15 U.S.C. 637 and FAR 19.8), you may award task orders under the $4 Million competitive threshold on a sole-source basis. We also call this a directed order. Contract holders may take advantage of this unique provision based on self-marketing efforts or past performance. You must give all contract holders within a functional area fair opportunity to compete when requirements exceed the $4 Million competitive threshold in accordance with FAR 16.

Can hardware be purchased?

If you write the task order as an IT Services-Based Solutions. The solution is work that, on its own, might not be considered IT but characterized as “Ancillary Support”. Ancillary Support can be categorized as Ancillary Services and Ancillary Equipment, as shown below:

Ancillary Services (i.e. clerical support; training; construction, alteration and repair; telecommunications/wireless transport, additional labor categories, etc.) must be integral and necessary for the IT services- based solution

Ancillary Equipment (hardware, software, software licenses, racks, mounts; etc.) may be purchased if integral and necessary for the IT services-based solution.

Telecommunications, wireless, and satellite products and services may be purchased as part of an overall IT services-based solution.

The sole purpose of a requirement may not be for a commodity (e.g. land mobile radios) or transport services or wireless connectivity.

How much does it cost?

We have negotiated rates with GSA that are fully burdened labor rates inclusive of all direct and indirect costs (e.g., profit, fringe benefits, salary, indirect rates).

The government customer has a Contract Access Fee (CAF) which is .75 percent (less than 1 percent) which is added these rates. • B = CAF Rate set by GSA e.g., 0.75 percent (a constant rate) • C = Embedded charges, e.g., $500,000.00 value in CLIN

FORMULA (Use for Embedded Charged CLINs): $CAF = (C/1+B)*(B)

Example: ($500,000.00/1.0075) * (0.0075) = $3,722.08 CAF

Our rates are not published yet. They anticipate December 2017. You can obtain pricing by filling out a pricing request by filling out the form here

Industry Partner Name: DynaGrace Enterprises
Contract Number: GS00Q17GWD2255
Your Name, Phone Number, and Email

How do you order?

If you are a Contracting Officer or Program Manager

1. GWAC Delegation of Procurement Authority Training (2 to 3 hours)

2. Request a GWAC Delegation of Procurement Authority (DPA) (2 to 3 Business Days)

3. Issue Task Order

4. Report Contract Actions in the Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS)

5. Review Past Performance on GWACs

For specific questions related to DoD’s authority to use interagency contracts, please contact the Defense Procurement Acquisition Policy (DPAP) at Michael.j.canales4.civ@mail.mil or 703-695-8571.


  • 541511 Custom Computer Programming Services
  • 541512 Computer Systems Design Services
  • 541519 Other Computer Related Services

Contract Number:

Period of Performance:
16 June 2017 to 30 August 2027
(Includes 5 year followon)

Chances are really good to get a 5-year extension and then subsequent 3-year performance. You could utilize this to get IT services for 13 years from our company.

You can read about it here -> https://www.gsa.gov/portal/content/105243

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