DynaGrace Enterprises has a comprehensive and structured staffing approach that enables us to consistently deploy the right people to successfully carry out plans and effectively manage processes to support your mission. We have a proven track record of successfully placing the right people in any type of contract role. Our established sourcing and selection processes mean that we only put forward high quality and relevant candidates that will save you time and money. We have the domain expertise, quality, processes and technology to manage complex projects that will improve the ROI of your investments.




  • Meet with the customer stakeholders to ensure a full understanding of current performance and operational objectives.
  • Ensure a complete understanding of the unique and specific customer requirements, reporting requirements, expectations, and any anticipated changes or future events affecting future workloads.
  • Determine performance parameters, scheduling, establish priorities, and assimilate Work in Progress.
  • Obtain list of equipment and resources available to employees and contact information.

Evaluate all the information gathered at this point and create a Staffing Plan.

Utilizing a systematic process ensures the client has the right number of people with the right skills.

Determine the projected staffing levels needed over time, looking at current staffing levels and identifying the deficiencies or “gaps” between the two.

Recommendations are made for resolving the gaps, whether by retaining the incumbent personnel, recruitment of new hires, or training and promotion from within.


Staffing Plan



Recruit incumbent if any by offering a premium compensation package (employee salary and benefits).

If recruitment is necessary, we search sources to access a pool of candidates to acquire the best candidate.

Recruitment efforts are focused towards personnel having existing and/or prior security clearances because generally they are a higher caliber employee.

Conduct a rigorous selection/interview process to ensure the perfect fit including interpersonal skills, teamwork, leadership skills, critical thinking, and communication skills.

  • Staff orientation includes a review of each job description and identification of contacts.
  • If the new employee needs a security clearance, then a security background investigation is initiated.
  • The employee is introduced to the internal performance management system for evaluating employees and receives coaching and mentoring.
  • Working closely with the client and the new employee, expectations, responsibilities, and goals are identified.  Safety and security briefings are conducted.





  • Client feedback is gathered to determine the level of satisfaction during the transition.
  • Checkpoints are identified in coordination with the customer to ensure performance feedback is captured and corrective actions are taken, when needed.
  • Checkpoints consist of phone calls, physical visits, formal surveys, and an open communication policy.
  • Client should not experience an interruption of service as we assimilate “real-world” workloads.
  • Monitoring of time card and ongoing employee issues ensure client satisfaction.
  • Feedback is gathered from both the Client and the employee to increase quality.
  • A final report is produced to ensure our internal processes can be improved if needed.
  • Identify other upcoming or current projects that the client might have a need for additional resources.
  • Retention is based on adherence to essential core values, attentive team contribution, and public peer recognition for outstanding performance.




Cybersecurity Consultants

Forensic Investigation Consultants

Data Analysts

Software Engineers

Software Architects

Front End Designers

Web Developers

Systems Engineers

IT Project Managers

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