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Applied Observability is the new Enterprise IT Monitoring Trend

Applied observability or data observability is a tool used to understand an enterprise’s data systems completely. You see, enterprises heavily rely on their data for major business decision-making and operations. Therefore, they must have the latest and high-quality data in hand. It is where data observability comes into the picture.  With well-applied observability, businesses get Read More

How Sustainable IT is Revolutionizing the Environmental and Social Approach?

The concept of sustainability has been around for some time now. Sustainable practices enhance the quality of our lives, preserve natural resources, and protect our ecosystem. It is a holistic approach that includes everything from production to customer services to logistics.  Information Technology has been the latest addition to this list. You see our natural Read More

How the new Digital Immune System is Helping Enterprises

What is the Digital Immune System? It is a holistic approach to protecting systems and software from viruses and malware. It combines various technologies and practices from software development, design, operations, analytics, and automation.  You see, companies face unique and uncalled-for challenges while ensuring robust operating environments, reliable end-user experience, and accelerated digital delivery. Besides Read More

Which technology made NFT possible?

The concept of NFTs has been around for quite some time now. Many people worldwide are trying to understand its basic meaning and working pattern. Did you know $41 billion in cryptocurrency was spent on NFT platforms in 2021 and it’s still on the rise?  So, let us discuss NFTs today. We will also discuss Read More

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