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5 Benefits of IT Staff Augmentation for Startups

There are many benefits of IT staff augmentation for startups and businesses alike. Staff augmentation is a business tactic implemented by organisations. They use it to hire knowledgeable and experienced employees on contract from a reputed outsourcing partner. Additionally, many organisations contract with software development firms which offer staff augmentation services. They build an effective Read More

Software Development Trends To Watch In 2021

There are many businesses which are online and the pandemic has forced others to go on. With the passing year we will witness the evolution of technologies and the solutions that will boost the software development market. People are investing in AI-assisted software, Robotic Process Automation, Progressive Web Applications, and more. It will be interesting Read More

7 Data Science Trends to Watch in 2021

For the discipline of the enterprise, data science is the antithesis of Artificial Intelligence. By availing the whole spectrum of data at their disposal, businesses can discover data science boundaries to master in data preparation. With the diversity in data requirements and problems, comes an extensive choice of innovative solutions. These solutions often bring a Read More

7 Blockchain Use Cases in Banks

BlockChain is open, dispersed ledger accounts that keep the record for all transactions between two parties efficiently. It contains a sequence of data for every transaction of each individual. Blockchain Use Cases in banks and finance are very popular these days.  The best part is that all the customers can easily share a digital ledger, Read More


Day by day, the popularity of 5G is increasing in consumers and businesses. Amid the current pandemic, 5G network roll-out has continued. Source As more and more companies are investing in this technology, 5G stocks are likely to be market performers. If you want to invest in 5G technology, check out the list of the Read More

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