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7 Best Cloud Security Practices

With the emergence of cloud-based storage services, you don’t need to worry about taking your portable storage devices everywhere. From Dropbox to Google Drive, various cloud solutions keep data online and provide you with easy access from anywhere. This convenience seems tempting, but unfortunately, data uploading to the Cloud can raise security concerns. Best cloud Read More

5 Tips for Workplace Ergonomics to Support Your Staff

Maintaining a productive and healthy workforce is the objective of any company. And one of the most important criteria to support these objectives is providing comfort. Therefore, you must optimize the ergonomics of your place for happy and healthy staff. So, here are the best tips for workplace ergonomics to support your staff. 5 Tips for Read More

How the Technology is Transforming Auto Industry in 2022

Technology has been transforming the auto industry over the last couple of years. New business plans, improved automation, and growth in new technologies are making significant changes in the automotive industry in 2022. In addition, remember to change consumer preferences and sustainability policies. So,  what future technologies will come in handy in the auto industry? Read More

How to Perform Risk Assessments in the Workplace

The risk assessment is a systematic process to identify, analyze and evaluate risks at the workplace and decide the control measures. The control measures make sure to remove or reduce the risks of loss, injury or damage in the workplace. Legally, it is necessary for all companies to perform risk assessments. If an organization has Read More

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