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Industrial IoT: Top 9 Trends for 2023

IoT – the Internet of Things, has been around for some time, ruling across industries like a boss. However, this technology now holds a greater potential, especially in the post-pandemic era.  Moreover, with the advent of 5G and AI, this IoT is expected to take a revolutionary shape in the coming times. So, stay with Read More

How Wi-Fi HaLow is Making Enterprises Future-ready?

Connectivity is essential to practically every aspect of our lives. Right from security systems, and wearable devices to factory automation equipment, the ability to link, monitor, and manage the wide range of connected devices comprising modern enterprises is a necessity.  You would be surprised to know that the total number of IoT (Internet of Things) Read More

Which Latest Technology is of Importance to the Army

The worldwide military apparatus undergoes significant transformation to strengthen capabilities. Some of the latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and the Internet of Things optimize military efficiency and defense operations. Nowadays, hybrid approaches replace traditional warfare. The latest technology trends are transforming battlefields in the aspects like lethality, connectivity, sustainability, and autonomy. Connectivity solutions mark Read More

Latest Technology to Improve World’s Most Sensitive Scientific Instruments

The physicists of the University of Western Australia collaborate with a team of international researchers. They together developed a new technology to improve the world’s one of the most sensitive instruments called “Gravitational Wave Detectors.” This new technology allows existing gravitational wave detectors worldwide to attain sensitivity. Previously, researchers thought they could only achieve it Read More

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