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How the Arrival of 5G Technology Is Beneficial For the Virtual Reality

5G is all about high-speed data transmission and hyper-connected life. This new technology offers great connectivity and creates new value for both individuals and enterprises. With 5G, technologies like virtualization, cloud computing, edge computing, artificial intelligence, network slicing, and automation will drive the new business models. In addition to these technologies, the 5G also impacts Read More

How Smart Buildings Can Help Environment

The advancement in the Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G are changing the way organizations tackle some serious issues like climate change. And, smart buildings are one of the major innovations these days. With rising temperatures and other environmental impacts, signs of climate change are on the rise. It is assumed that the world’s population Read More

7 Most Common Cyber Attacks To Watch In 2020

Unauthorized attempt which could expose your personal data defines cyber-attack. It could include installing spyware or phone tapping without your permission. With the increase in cyber-crimes, we witnessed some major cyber-attacks in 2020. Common Cyber Attacks In 2020 SolarWinds SolarWinds was one of the most talked cyber-attack. Eminent companies like Microsoft etc. were also affected Read More

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