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4 Technology Innovations Driving the Logistics Industry

Modern technology is transforming the future of the logistics industry with innovation and revolution. It’s going through a speedy and unprecedented transformation. In addition, logistic is the key to a successful business as it enables worldwide fleet movement and cross-continent deliveries. It helps the organization to serve the end product to customers. Also, the present Read More

7 Most Common Cyber Attacks To Watch In 2020

Unauthorized attempt which could expose your personal data defines cyber-attack. It could include installing spyware or phone tapping without your permission. With the increase in cyber-crimes, we witnessed some major cyber-attacks in 2020. Common Cyber Attacks In 2020 SolarWinds SolarWinds was one of the most talked cyber-attack. Eminent companies like Microsoft etc. were also affected Read More

How Healthcare Is Cracking the Data Privacy Code

While many sectors including manufacturing are using AI and modern technologies, many healthcare facilities are still unsure. Mostly because the large data collection makes them easy targets and the past records.  For instance, February of 2020 alone marked 39 data breach cases in healthcare. More than 1531,855 records got exposed.  Source So the government has Read More

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