Quantum computers are the future technology that will transform operations forever. The Global quantum computing market is estimated to be $949 million by 2025, and that’s a big number. The technology uses quantum physics to store data and perform computations. So, the good news is that D-Wave has set its latest quantum computer to the University of Southern California.

Let’s have a look at the news!

Let’s Uncover the News


D-Wave Systems Inc, a Vancouver-based quantum computing agency, said on May 12, 2022, that it has successfully set the latest quantum computer in the University of Southern California.

Murray Thom, D-Wave’s Vice President of product administration, said that the Quantum computer is the strongest machine, referred to as the Advantage system, launched in September 2020. Since then, it has been operational in Canada and Germany.

Quantum computers use qubits rather than bits. And, the Advantage system has over 5000 qubits. It’s an impressive number and makes it one of the most powerful machines.

The company believes that the Quantum computers are predicted to have the ability to function thousands and thousands of times quicker than in the present day’s superior supercomputers.

Murray Thom further added that as a company helping the future technology, we know that people are closely paying attention to where things are located and what’s happening. Furthermore, the limitations of quantum computing are not limited to this world, as AI And Quantum Computing uncover black holes and try to look inside them.

The Developments of D-Wave 


In February, the Quantum computing firm D-Wave Systems Inc agreed to collaborate with blank-check company DPCM Capital. In a deal that values the combined company at nearly $1.6 billion.

Not only this, but Vancouver-based D-Wave is moving ahead and signing up deals with the companies which are taking similar steps. Examples are Grab Holdings and BuzzFeed.

D-Wave, running since 1999, offers real-time, full-stack quantum systems that power hardware engineering, post-processing software, and chip fabrication. The applications of quantum computing are immense, and many technology tycoons are looking forward to it.

The companies adopting quantum computing are looking for its applications. It includes logistics, artificial intelligence, financial modeling, and cybersecurity sectors.

Benefits of Quantum Computing

Some of its benefits are:

  • It will help to study the complex structure of atoms and molecules. In addition, it will transform the drug industry by opening doors to discoveries.
  • A boon for the finance industry as it will lead to deeper analytics to new and faster trading possibilities.
  • It’s a blessing to save the planet Earth through quantum computing; scientists can find new CO2 catalysts and study the patterns.
  • Another advantage is in solving complex problems and situations. Quantum computers are fast and can solve multiple problems within seconds. It will help many industries.
  • It’s advantageous for the Space industry as quantum computing is majorly used in this area.

So, with such advancements in technology, tech companies have a huge responsibility to bring the best out of it. So, keep checking here to know all the latest developments! 

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