Preparedness is Key

Know before disaster strikes

No organization or business wants to experience any form of natural disaster, they happen anyway. The need to plan for them becomes even more critical. Disaster preparedness and recovery is a crucial component of a business plan. Securing reliable temporary buildings and mobile offices are a great way to ensure the continuation of your business. You can continue operations while your main/permanent facilities are undergoing repairs.

The essence of temporary buildings and mobile offices

When we talk about temporary buildings and mobile offices during a disaster recovery, we are merely referring to modular construction. Modular constructions are housing units that have all the potentials to get you back on track with minimal downtime. Apart from providing alternative office space, modular buildings offer a solution for recovery and volunteer centers. They also offer portable classrooms, lunchrooms, emergency/health centers, as well as congregational or meeting space.

Why you need temporary recovery buildings and mobile offices

Think about hurricane Harvey and Irma—the massive trail of destruction they left in their wake. Property worth Millions was lost to businesses and communities alike. A significant amount of properties were damaged, and business brought to an abrupt end in different locations across Florida, Texas, and Georgia. You don’t have to allow natural or man-made disasters affect your business operations. Recovery temporary buildings and mobile offices will be of great benefit by helping you to continue your business operations in the following order:

Mobile offices

In the aftermath of a disaster, mobile offices render on-site temporary office and storage space. They can also function as site, field or engineer offices to assist workers during disaster recovery efforts. Functional mobile temporary disaster recovery can rapidly be delivered in hours or a few days to assist recovery. In most cases, such mobile offices also include generators, telephone, internet equipment and furniture.

Modular construction

Modular construction involves the building of command centers, emergency rooms, medical clinics, office buildings and such other large-scale buildings using modular components. They are constructed in a manufacturing plant, making them time-saving solutions during disaster time.

Portable classrooms

If you have suffered damages from tornadoes, earthquake or terrorist attacks, they can benefit from modular classroom trailers also known as portable classrooms. They are available in different shapes and sizes and can be temporary or permanently installed.

Safety tips for using modular buildings

Damage to a mobile building

If for whatever reason your mobile office trailer unit was hit by a colossal disaster causing it to flip or tossed to one side, losing its footing; never attempt to balance it yourself. Keep everyone, including pets from moving in or around the building. The ground may be affected by water and shifting may occur. So make sure you access the situation critically and call in an expert if necessary.

Watch out for instability

Do not attempt to enter the modular building if you notice it has lost its footing. Make sure the piers or block holding the structure are still intact before venturing in.

Is it flooded?

If there is water gathering inside the building, do not step in yet. Verify if the electrical and gas connection is still in a functional state. Check for any damages. Also, if there has been no power restoration at the time of inspection, switch off the control box to avoid any incidence when restoration occurs.

Final thought

There is always a way to bounce back when disaster strikes, and recovery of temporary buildings and mobile offices are the best means to continue business while dealing with the chaos.

Linda Rawson is the CEO, and Founder of DynaGrace Enterprises, (http://DynaGrace.com) which is a Women-Owned, 8(a) Minority, Small Business. She is also the author of The Minority and Women-Owned Small Business Guide to Government Contracts.

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