DynaGrace Enterprises, a WOSB, professional services company has added another quality line of products, Respirator Fit Test products, to the GSA Schedule 66 – Scientific Equipment and Services Schedule Contract. DynaGrace Enterprises is the first women-owned firm in Utah to be a vendor on that prestigious GSA schedule.

This federal government contracting vehicle enables us to reach more occupational health and safety managers as well as those agencies concerned with worker safety, regulation, and compliance,” stated Linda Rawson, President, and Founder of DynaGrace Enterprises.  “Our newest vendor, Accutec-IHS, increases our ability to provide products that keep workers safe.

Accutec-IHS, with their AccuFIT9000™ Quantitative Respirator Fit Tester, is ready to be the smart choice for Quantitative Respirator Fit Tests.

The AccuFIT9000™ is an ideal solution for the industrial, pharmaceutical, first responder, and mining respirator users who are looking for one product that can address all their fit testing needs affordably. The newly developed high-efficiency CNC device, the AccuFIT9000™ uses the OSHA protocol as outlined in 29 CFR 1910.134, Respiratory Protection Programs.

A quantitative fit test measures the “goodness” of the respirator-to-face seal of the person being tested. In the case of the AccuFIT9000™ the challenge agent is naturally-occurring ultrafine particulates. The AccuFIT9000™ measures the concentration of the particulates in the ambient atmosphere and the breathing zone of the respirator.  The measurement is done while the test subject is performing a series of exercises as described in 29 CFR 1910.134.  The “Fit Factor” is then calculated which is a ratio of these two values.

Since the test results do not depend on the ability of the test subject to taste, smell, or sense an irritation caused by an artificially-introduced challenge agent, the test itself is entirely objective. The test provides a defensible analysis including metrics.  The administrator of the Respiratory Protection Program is able to maintain a log of employees and fit test results.

Linda Rawson passionately says, “If you are working in a toxic or hazardous atmosphere where a respirator is required, and if the respirator doesn’t fit, you will breathe in toxins.  It is that simple.  Let’s face it.  We want to keep workers healthy for years to come.  We are deeply concerned about the air quality of the nation. We are concerned with the air people breathe both at work and in their daily lives and want to make sure the employee is as safe as possible.”

The press release is located here: DynaGrace Enterprises Adds Respirator Fit Test Product to GSA Schedule 66

Customers can learn more about DynaGrace Enterprises by visiting the company’s website at DynaGrace.com or by calling the company directly at 888-676-0058.

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