Soon, the advertisements we all watch on the internet or TVs may come to a digital billboard near you, furthering the businesses with more effective content delivery. So, it is how out-of-home advertising will change in the coming times. 

Small businesses still need to develop a grip on the market and can hit the jackpot with this concept. It is the ultimate way to deliver more engaging content and capture the target audience’s attention.

Keep reading as we highlight how AI revolutionizes Out-Of-Home Advertising for small businesses. 

digital out-of-home advertising industry growth


How is Artificial Intelligence Changing Out-Of-Home Advertising?

Object recognition is the sole ingredient that empowers AI to change the concept of OOH advertising. It can detect the face and its features and ascertain whether the consumer is happy. 

It helps in predicting the gender and age of the person. This simple exercise can help small businesses understand the performance of their content. They can further use the data to refine their existing media and offer what the consumer wants. 

Besides this, small businesses should also consider understanding how to make the Internet of Things strategies to ensure faster movement of AI data. The best part about AI is that it does not store any personal information in its database, ensuring 100% safety for the consumers. 

Businesses can hire experts to handle the top 7 types of data security technology to protect consumer and enterprise data. That is not all. AI-integrated cameras can also count the number of cars or people passing by an OOH display. 

This data can be valuable for small businesses, helping them place their billboards in busier areas. The crux is that Artificial Intelligence enables companies to develop better brand loyalty and product awareness and boost conversions by transforming traditional Out-Of-Home Advertising into an advanced medium. 

How are Bigger Brands Making the Most of AI in their OOH Advertising Campaigns?

Do you know that over 96% of marketers have attained their business goals through AI? Small businesses can also register their names in this list. Here are some inspiring examples to consider in 2022. 

 Gmail – It uses AI to read draft texts and suggest words and grammatical mistakes with Smart Compose. Moreover, Facebook uses this technology to identify people in the pictures and offer tag recommendations. 

McDonald’sMcDonald’s – When adults walk by a McDonald’sMcDonald’s OOH ad, salads or burgers are shown. Similarly, when kids pass by, it starts showing Happy Meal options for them. They made it possible with the help of Artificial Intelligence only. Small businesses can take some clues from this strategy. 

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Bottom Line

So what will the future be like when AI combines with Out-Of-Home Advertising? Experts say nothing but bright. The global digital OOH advertising industry has crossed the $14.8 billion mark in 2021 and is expected to touch $33 billion by 2027

Moreover, the addition of voice technology, augmented reality, machine learning, and location data will change the advertising game drastically in the coming times. All these mediums will function together to develop a more relevant and accurate display for the consumers.  


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