Internet-connected devices are flourishing in recent years as people and businesses are using smart devices for their convenience.  When the “Internet of Things” gets connected to your body, the outcome is the “Internet of Bodies.” 

Basically, the IoB is an addition to IoT and connects your body to a network with the help of devices. You can implant, ingest, or connect such devices to your body in some way.

When such a device connects to your body, it helps to exchange the data. Further, you can also monitor and control both the device as well as the body with it.

Latest Examples of Internet of Bodies

The examples given below will help you learn more about the internet of bodies. All these devices play a vital role in the technology innovations in the logistic industry.

Implantable Cardiac Devices

Implantable cardioverter-defibrillators and cardiac pacemakers give real-time as well as incessant information about your cardiac fluctuations. In addition, they also regulate heart rates if your hearts beat too slow or too fast. 

The best part is that these devices help in treating heart failure as well. If you want to use such devices, then implant them in the chest. Then the transmitter, which is located in your home, wirelessly transfers the recorded information to your physician.

Productivity Technology

internet of bodies

In order to record and track the workers’ locations, Amazon has patented a technology for a wristband. If it senses a pause in productivity then it will vibrate to make employees focus on their work. 

Health Trackers

IoB watches, bracelets, smartphone apps, and rings help to track heart rate, steps, and sleep patterns. Some devices also offer user-friendly information that offers greater visibility in individuals’ own health. 

Such devices help individuals to make out and look for care regarding their health issues. Moreover, they persuade for better preventative health measures, including exercises and a healthy diet. 

Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing

The genetic testing kits offer ancestry information as well as insights on disease and health risks. For these tests, you have to provide a sample of blood or saliva to the attendant. Then they will examine the sample for genetic variations.

Emotional Sensors

Artificial intelligence (AI) software firms are making systems that help to collect data on human emotions. These devices will analyze your voice intonations, facial expressions, and other audio as well as visual signals. 

Future of the Internet of Bodies

As people are becoming more conscious about their well-being, therefore IOB technology plays a vital role in an individual’s health. It is really important to take every possible step for the development and advancement of these devices. IoB developers have to perform multiple researches and spread information about the pragmatic as well as real benefits of it. 

Final Words

IOB is one of the essential elements for maintaining a balance regarding your health. It plays a vital role in daily life as it displays a high level of important information about your body. So you must learn all about the latest devices of IOB.

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