Blockchain has become a buzzword, not only in the technology sector but also in the finance industry. 

Many money-minded people see cryptocurrencies as a great source of their passive income. 

An increasing number of people are figuring out ways to ethically make money with these digital currencies. 

To make things easier, we have rounded up a list of some proven and legit ways to earn with blockchain. 

Join Cryptocurrency Companies

As blockchain is improving the economy, one common way to make money with blockchain is to work with a crypto company. The industry welcomes all professionals – whether you are a digital marketer, web designer, finance consultant, etc. 

Blockchain jobs by primary role


Simply figure out how your skills can help these companies fulfill their needs.

In addition, these companies often allow or require you to work remotely. Thus, you benefit from the flexible hours of working right from your own space. 

Other than that, the industry offers very competitive salary packages. You often get compensation in terms of cryptos. So, your earnings values can double or even triple in value within days or even hours. 

Operate Cryptocurrency Master Nodes

These full nodes motivate operators of other crypto nodes to perform their roles in a blockchain.

In simpler words, a master node refers to a computer wallet or full crypto node that maintains a real-time record of all activities performed on the blockchain. 

Here is how you can earn passive income with this: 

Many cryptocurrencies pay the operators for record maintenance. Since it is a complex process and needs to maintain multiple nodes under the master node, crypto platforms often outsource their services at a fee.


Crypto mining is no more limited to professional miners. But now, you do not need high-end equipment to set up a mining rig – either a GPU or an application-specific integrated circuit. 

You can now download blockchain mining applications for your PC systems and mobile devices. With a little startup capital and fewer electricity costs, you can earn digital assets with no specific qualification. 

The following statistic shows the distribution of cryptocurrency mining pools globally as of 2018, by area. Forty-four percent of Bitcoin mining pools existed in the Asia-Pacific region in that year.

distribution of cryptocurrency mining pools


Do research before you step into mining. This is because you can easily find many easier ways to make money with Bitcoin.

Cryptocurrency Faucets

In simple words, cryptocurrency faucets refer to websites that give small outs of cryptocurrencies in exchange for accomplishing small tasks. 

They call it faucets because rewards are significantly small, like dripping water from a faucet. In this case, cryptocurrencies drip into your crypto wallet.

Bitcoin faucets are the most popular ones. And, the tasks may involve fun activities such as watching videos, playing games, viewing ads, etc. So, it’s a fun way to make money with blockchain. 

Final Words

With the growing popularity and acceptance of blockchain, the ways you can make money out of this are also increasing. Besides those listed above, you can indulge in crypto trading, do affiliate marketing, blogging, or start with crypto arbitrage, to name a few. 

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