DustCount 8899 – Respirable Dust Monitor


The DustCount 8899 is a real-time Personal Wearable Particle Monitor that provides the features required to support real-time personal aerosol monitoring in a single, lightweight, easy to use package.



  • Extremely easy to use, automated pump control and calibration
  • Lightweight; hold in one hand, clip on a belt or put in a vest pocket
  • Web-enabled control interface, no difficult buttons or sequences
  • Highly accurate; test readings within seconds
  • Measures respirable dust < 4 micron
  • Particle counts and mass concentration
  • Post sample analysis capability

Each Kit comes complete with one DustCount 8899 Wearable dust monitor, one battery pack, one AC/DC adapter, one 4um impactor, one bottle of impactor oil, one post sample cassette, one 5 um Teflon filter, one 2um Teflon sample filter, one HEPA filter, 40 cm tubing, one USB cable, and one carrying case, one embedded software license, one management software license, on basic 1 year warranty.

Respirable particles such as crystalline silica are very dangerous in the lungs, and because they can cause respiratory health issues such as lung cancer, emphysema, and COPD, but they can also get into the bloodstream and settle in other organs such as the brain and liver and cause health issues and cancer. The product allows Hygienists to use real-time methods to determine if, when, and where a worker is being exposed to dangerous concentrations of respirable particles such as silica, metals, grains, welding dust, or other common manufacturing dust in the air, and then use the collected samples of the same event to correlate this data using standard method gravimetric analysis and check the composition using XRD analysis for crystalline silica.

Hygienists have used the data gathered with the real-time capability, backed up with filter measurements using the standard method, to enhance discussions on dust issues with senior management, to graphically demonstrate dangerous areas to workers, to prove to regulators that containment systems are working effectively, and to save money by lowering ventilation costs through accurate air measurements.


Features and Benefits

• Monitor Silica and other dust accurately and effectively with a single wearable device.
• Real-time readings and sample collection filter on the same device allows tight correlation of data.
• Compact and lightweight with high quality construction makes this an excellent Personal Device.
• Post event sample filter allows gravimetric analysis for standard method and XRD analysis for silica.
• Wireless interface for management and control from PC or Smartphone makes it easy to use.
• Automated pump management: eliminates ongoing manual calibration of pumps.
• Air inlet extendable to near the breathing zone improves correlation to actual worker conditions.
• Rechargeable batteries and long life pump ensures lower maintenance demands.

Technical Specifications


Size: 9 cm (width) x 13cm (length) x 4 cm depth ABS plastic housing Mass: 0.5Kg


Temperature: 5 C to 40˚ C


DustCount Performance Analysis Quick Start Guide User Guide Example Product Use


Additional information

Weight 80 oz
Dimensions 6 × 12 × 12 in


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