DynaGrace Enterprises utilizes an objective, professional, project management approach to mitigate risks associated with the project and program implementation. Our well established methodologies and leading concepts and practices, are applied to various types of projects including business transformations, complex IT systems initiatives, and regulatory compliance.



The Discovery phase is the most crucial phase of the Project Management process as it helps create all the deliverables needed to initiate the new project. In this phase, we assess the existing policies, standards, and organizational structures to determine prime stakeholders required for successful completion of the project. We learn about what you have, what you want, and what is desired. We go over the goals, styles, and the functionality of your project and determine a solution. Based on the analysis we develop a road map, prepare a business case and conduct a feasibility analysis to establish the project road map.


Project scope, identification of all stakeholders, a preliminary communication plan, project objectives and success criteria, high-level requirements, and summary of significant milestones and deliverables.

Project Plan

In the Project Plan phase, we create a comprehensive suite of project plans which set out a clear project road map ahead and ensure successful execution and closure of the project. The plans created during this phase help in time management, cost, quality, change, risk and issues about the project. We develop a Project Management Plan based on a road map that includes governance structure, scope, schedule, and costs for implementation and maintenance of the project. We also create a Risk Management Plan and determine the roles and responsibilities for each task associated with the project. We develop a Project Schedule for program components based on deliverables/milestones set out in the road map, sequence them, and define duration and dependencies.


Project Management Plan, Risk Management Plan, Project Schedule


In the Implementation phase, we perform the physical project deliverables and present them to the client for signoff. We ensure processes, analyses, plans and procedures are in accordance to project specifications as outlined during the Project Plan phase.  Our Project Manager, facilitates service delivery, as detailed in the Project Schedule, and manages change, risk, and communication in collaboration with the client. Our team continually collect metrics and other relevant project information throughout the execution lifecycle phase and develops Status Reports, that assess the health and performance of the project.  Status Reports containing the progress of the previous month, the status of contract milestones, resource expenditures for the project and issues/concerns and associated recommendations are created and delivered to the client.


Status Reports

Quality Assurance

In the Quality Assurance phase, Team we ensure that the project is within scope, on time, and on a budget so that the project proceeds with minimal risk. We have a “Quality Control Program” that is known as Process and Product Quality Assurance (PPQA). The PPQA process emphasizes the review and audit of proven program management processes, strengthened with periodic reviews, inspections, test, and audits of work products. We conduct continuous monitoring and compare the actual performance with planned performance to take the corrective action for the desired outcome.

Our Project Manager consistently monitors the risks, schedules, project status, quality assurance and requirements associated with the project. We monitor project deliverables and performance goals to ensure that the required results established in the Implementation Plan are delivered. We maintain a complete Tracking Log for all issues and risks, including those that have been resolved.


Tracking Log


The Closeout phase occurs at the end of the project. We complete project closeout activities in accordance with Project Management policies, procedures, and guidelines.  We create a Project Closure Report that lists every activity required to close the project to ensure that project closure is completed smoothly and efficiently. Our Project Manager reviews close-out deliverables and requirements verifies compliance with the close-out checklist and seeks client approval. The Project Manager ensures that all documentation is current, and coordinates return of reports, notes, codes, plans, design documents, reference materials, security information, manuals, scripts, configurations, and testing and training documentation. All actions taken follow client policies and procedures.

Once the Project Closure Report is approved by the client, the project closure activities stated in the report be completed. We also complete the Post Implementation Review to determine the project’s success and identify the lessons learned. Our team  also provide a summary document covering the mitigation of problems and risks faced at all levels over the course of the project. Our Project Manager then conducts a formal close-out meeting at an agreed upon time just prior to the end of the project.


Project Closure Report, Post Implementation Review

Since 2006, our primary goal has always been to work with you, our customer, to help you achieve your goals. We have a tried and true project management methodology. We adapt to your process and style to create a seamless partnership experience. You are the experts in your business, and we adapt to how you work. We love happy customers!


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