The capabilities of machine learning increasingly influence the world. Machine learning is expanding the boundaries of what was once thought to be possible. It has permeated our daily lives through the apps we use to automate our daily schedule.

Machine Learning is a big part of pulling information from datasets. Thanks to the volume of data the algorithm is exposed to, they’re used in predicting patterns. This algorithm identifies emerging trends and translates data into consumers’ behavior information.

Let’s look at five real-world examples of machine learning in 2021.

Product Recommendations

This is the easily identifiable element of machine learning. If you’ve used Netflix, then you’re aware of the ‘Since you’ve watched ***’ feature. The Netflix algorithm makes recommendations about the shows you might like. This is also the case with Amazon. It shows you ‘customers who bought this item also bought.

This is possible due to the efforts of machine learning. You can also learn about machine learning through various courses.

real world machine learning examples


Speech Recognition

Voice-activated virtual assistants like Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant have fine-tuned speech recognition. Machine learning can also facilitate speech-to-text functions. This has real-world applications in voice search, increasing the accessibility options for disabled people.

Another facet of machine learning is Neural Machine Learning, which can seamlessly translate from one language to another. Moreover, the ability of a computer program to understand spoken and written language is known as Natural Language Processing. It facilitates language-related tasks. 

Medical Diagnostication

Thanks to machine learning, some chatbots can identify symptoms. You have algorithms to build models predicting 3D molecule drugs that discover life-saving medicine. Also, identifying patterns can help formulate diagnoses or create treatment plans for patients. It has a strong link with oncology and predicting if cells are cancerous or calculating the potential to be cancerous. 

Self Driving Cars

Many can now experience the benefits of autonomous driving thanks to machine learning. Combining machine learning, sensors, and dynamic software has brought this experience to life and the market. This is thanks to the predictive analytical capability of machine learning.

In addition, as a promising field to lean into, it has the potential to change every industry from identifying fraudulent transactions to creating self-learning robotic process automation.

machine learning examples


Automated Arbitrage

Machine learning finds a new niche in finance. Arbitrage is buying or selling assets to generate profits from the price difference. The automation element comes into play when machine learning is used to analyze the data generated by trade. This helps in creating a trading algorithm.

Moreover, this trading algorithm can identify the patterns created in the market to identify profitable trades. You can use this algorithm to make real-time trading decisions leveraging these advantageous arbitrage opportunities.

Machine learning is changing the face of industries in many subtle but impactful ways. We’re only beginning to scratch the surface of what is possible with the use of machine learning. It has the potential to transform everything from healthcare to the economy. In addition, machine learning is going to have a hand in shaping the possible technology of the future.

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