Staff Augmentation is the process where you hire extra staff to help you work on ongoing projects. They’re typically for short durations and involve outsourcing tasks requiring different expertise. With staff augmentation, you can expand your team with the skill sets needed for the project but need to hire for. If the project needs specialized skills or is significant and needs extra manpower. 

With Staff Augmentation, you can hire staff to address distinct tasks required by the company. They can help in the growth of the business by increasing the efficiency of employees and bringing down project costs. 

How Staff Augmentation Can Help Grow Your IT Business

According to Bloomberg, nearly 54% of companies experience talent shortages. Staff Augmentation is a recruitment practice like body shopping or staffing to help find talented employees for project completion. Let’s explore the various benefits accrued to your business due to this practice.

Staff Augmentation for IT business


Capability Augmentation: When a project calls for a skilled specialist, you can hire them short-term until your project is complete. 

Staff augmentation 1

Address Labor Shortages: if you’re experiencing an increase in your project workload and need more people quickly, staff augmentation can help. There are benefits of IT staff augmentation in particular.

Cost-Effective Recruitment: Instead of spending time and money hiring employees, you can simply find a skilled professional for the task. In addition, building a relationship with an experienced consultant can allow you to tap into their skills in the future as well. 

Operational Costs Reduced: A remote working project-based employee is less expensive to the company than onboarding on-site, full-time employees. Administrative expenses like vacation, medical leave, and insurance can also be reduced.

No Geo-Restrictions: With staff augmentation, you can tap into a wider pool of talented candidates for your projects. This allows you to prioritize candidates who fit the profile over candidates close by. 

Staff augmentation 2

These were some of the benefits of staff augmentation that a company can expect.

Difference Between Staff Augmentation And Outsourcing

Staff Augmentation is where you add resources like additional staff to your existing IT team to help them complete the project on time. IT project outsourcing is where you outsource the entire project to an external unit or company. What the difference boils down to is who takes responsibility.

Moreover, with staff augmentation, the in-house team is responsible for the project’s timely completion or any difficulties. In addition, the outsourcing company is held answerable for project management with project outsourcing. 

Difference Between Staff Augmentation And Managed Services

With the managed services model, companies are provided a particular ‘Output’ at a specific price. With staff augmentation, the onus is on the employee to provide quality ‘input’ to the project. Moreover, the managed services are geared towards giving expertise with expediency. Also, staff augmentation focuses on providing support in the professional’s capacity required in the project. 

Staff Augmentation aids in the efficient utilization of technical competence. It serves as a valuable link for bringing together expertise for specific projects. It’s how staff augmentation can grow your IT business.


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