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Software Development Trends To Watch In 2021

There are many businesses which are online and the pandemic has forced others to go on. With the passing year we will witness the evolution of technologies and the solutions that will boost the software development market. People are investing in AI-assisted software, Robotic Process Automation, Progressive Web Applications, and more. It will be interesting Read More

7 Most Common Cyber Attacks To Watch In 2020

Unauthorized attempt which could expose your personal data defines cyber-attack. It could include installing spyware or phone tapping without your permission. With the increase in cyber-crimes, we witnessed some major cyber-attacks in 2020. Common Cyber Attacks In 2020 SolarWinds SolarWinds was one of the most talked cyber-attack. Eminent companies like Microsoft etc. were also affected Read More

Cybersecurity Awareness Month

  With over 4.2 billion users surfing the internet, it may seem nearly impossible to protect your sensitive information from hackers and thieves. Devices connected to the internet often house our personal and professional lives. If a cyber criminal compromised this sensitive information, there could be disastrous consequences. However, the government dedicated the month of Read More

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