The mass application of cloud computing technology has been a prime driver of most transformative technology trends. Experts consider it the next big thing after IoT, AI, and hybrid working. That’s not all. This technology is also expected to boost the effectiveness of AR/VR, metaverse, and quantum computing in the coming times. 

In the next year, we can expect enterprises to continue leveraging cloud services to access innovative and latest technologies. It will also be vital in driving efficiencies in their processes and operations. So, here’s a rundown of the top cloud computing trends to look for in 2023. 

enterprise public cloud adoption rates


ML and AI Integration 

Experts expect that the demand for ML and AI integration into cloud computing will rise in 2023. Businesses can use this combination for applications like virtual assistants, digital asset management, cloud-based security, reality as a service, etc. It will improve data security, enhance self-learning capabilities, and create more personalized cloud experiences. 

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Companies can consider using hybrid cloud solutions in 2023. The global hybrid cloud is expected to grow from $85.3 Billion to $262.4 Billion by 2027. Companies can get the best public and private cloud technology by leveraging this solution. These solutions offer better flexibility and enhanced data processing. It is a highly cost-effective and scalable solution that will benefit organizations significantly. 

Docker and Kubernetes to Manage Cloud Deployment

Kubernetes and Docker provide a platform to distribute software in packages. Using these technologies in managing cloud deployment will enable large-scale deployments. It will offer high efficiency, better scalability, cloud deployment automation, and flexible resource sharing. 

This combination will offer a cost-effective and quick deployment. Moreover, the adoption of 5G services and other ultra-fast networking technologies will also help immensely in solving this problem. 

Data Security on Cloud Computing

Data security has been one of the major concerns for companies that are using cloud computing on a larger scale. Human errors, malware, and bugs can lead to a serious security breach. Data loss is another threat due to software corruption, insufficient data backups, and unintentional data deletion. 

Developers are considering using access control, encryption, and activity monitoring to prevent this issue in 2023. Apart from this, companies can also adopt the best practices to avoid email security compromises

Cloud Cost Optimization

Over 63% of the technical professionals say that will prioritize cloud cost optimization in 2023 to increase their total cloud ROI. Several organizations are trying their best to optimize their IT services expenditures. To combat this problem, cloud service providers will offer more cost-effective solutions to ensure high-performance levels and availability. 

annual public cloud spend



Summing Up!

So, these trends show that the future of cloud computing is going to be very bright in the coming times. Apart from cloud computing, companies should also keep an eye on the top enterprise technology trends in 2023. It will help them stay abreast with all the latest in the market. 


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