With the advent of the digital revolution across industries, even governments now depend on computerized systems to manage their business activities. It makes their systems more vulnerable to cyber-attacks and phishing activities. It is where cybersecurity comes into the picture. 

And just like other technologies, this industry has undergone tremendous evolution since its inception. Therefore, enterprises that aim to stay at the top should keep updating their current cybersecurity systems. This is what this blog post is about. Stay with us as we outline the top seven cybersecurity trends enterprises should look forward to in 2023. 

cybersecurity threats to companies


Artificial Intelligence

The combination of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning has revolutionized cybersecurity. We all know how adaptive AI can change the customer experience in various sectors

Therefore, experts consider it paramount in developing automated security systems, face detection, natural language processing, and automatic threat detection. AI-powered threat detection processes can further help enterprises by predicting potential attacks. It can instantly notify the admins of any data breach. 

Automotive Hacking

Modern vehicles are packed with advanced software and technological features that create uninterrupted connectivity for drivers. It is widely used in engine timing, cruise control, airbags, door locks, and delivery assistance systems. 

The usage of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth makes these vehicles vulnerable to hacking. Developers are looking forward to gaining more control over such activities by developing anti-automotive hacking systems.  

Work From Home Cybersecurity

Pre-pandemic, everything enterprise-related systems were present under one roof. It made their security management quite easy. All the procedures were regularly updated and were safe from malware and spyware. However, the work-from-home culture has wreaked havoc on organisations’ sensitive data post-pandemic. 

Studies have also shown that the employees indirectly or directly made over 34% of the total attacks. Therefore, enterprises expect developers to create a robust security net in 2023. It will cover all the direct and indirect systems that connect with the main server at a point in time. 

Developing a Security-Aware Culture

It is high time employees acknowledge that cybersecurity is not alone an IT issue. Every professional today must have a hold on the basics of cybersecurity. It will help him safeguard the sensitive company information saved on his devices. 

So, in 2023, companies want to create a more security-aware culture. Besides this, businesses are also planning to train their workforce about the best practices to avoid email security compromise

Supply Chain Attacks

Do you know that over 62% of global companies faced a supply chain attack in 2021? Hackers enter company networks through compromised third-party devices. With more advanced and robust techniques and tools, combating these attackers has become a challenge for companies. 

Therefore, it is vital that businesses adopt more proactive approaches to analyze and observe user behavior to identify suspicious access and patterns.

Bottom Line

So, these are the top five cybersecurity trends that enterprises should look out for in the next year. It is high time; businesses get geared up to combat the high-tech hackers. They can also hire market experts to provide a better security blanket to their systems. 

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