As someone who loves data science, you must have heard that “maximum number of data science projects means maximum success.” Data science and its vast field are new techs for enterprises. You will be surprised to know that For a Fortune 1000 enterprise, only a 10 percent growth in the accessibility of data will lead to a net extra income of 65 million dollars. So, here are top beginner-friendly data science projects to try so that you can move forward in this next-generation technology.

World Happiness Report


World Happiness Report is an amazing project in Python to improve data analytic skills. It is great for beginners as budding data scientists estimate expectancy, economics, social approval, lack of corruption, freedom, and humanitarianism. Moreover, it will help the data scientist to look for relationships between variables and significantly help to answer questions.

Building a Resume

It is the same technology that helps thousands of recruiters to search for the right candidate for them. Yes, the work of data scientists is to use an NLP algorithm that picks the right resume. It is a set of files that counts the frequency of words under various categories and helps the recruiters look at eligible candidates. It’s a great project that can prove weightage to your skills.


It is a very competitive project that can help you greatly with data science. With a 50% increase in jobs of data scientists in the U.S., there is no harm in adding new skills. In Bonus, you collect data using API or other tools. This is because so many companies who use data from various sources buy API, and later on, data scientists work on it. It can be about collecting information on any particular topic and storing it in a data frame.

COVID 19 Dashboard


State departments are hiring data scientists as the demand increases, so you must upgrade yourself with relevant projects. For example, COVID 19 Dashboard is an interesting and quite good project for data scientist beginners is COVID 19 Dashboard. You have to pre-process the dataset using Python.

Then, you can use Tableau to design the Covid-19 dashboard. It will enhance your analytics and considerably improve your data visualization skills. Moreover, creating a successful tableau will increase your chances of being hired drastically as it is quite in demand.

Sentiment Analysis on Food Reviews

Written in Python, sentiment analysis is a very important part of machine learning. It analyzes tools that help businesses and companies assess customer response to the services. In addition, data scientists can collect data through social media, comments, reviews, and other mediums. 

So, budding data scientists can analyze and visually represent it in the form of infographics. This is one of the most needed skills for companies as they want to focus on improving their services with your valuable insight. The topics can be insufficient packaging, components of products, delivery, etc. So, showcase these skills in your portfolio for some good job offers.

Wrapping up

So, these were the top beginner-friendly data science projects to try and all their details. Gt ready and start with basic courses that help you master data collection, analysis, visualization, and machine learning. Then, you can advance in various fields and try more complicated projects.


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