Cloud computing is a boon in enterprise technology as working on the cloud has decreased costs, the need to buy hard drives, and much more. In addition, storing, accessing, and managing data on the cloud is much easier. As a result, many cloud computing startups are experiencing success in this path. So, here are the top cloud computing startups of 2022.

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Amperity is a startup for the enterprise data platform that aims to alter siloed customer data into the cloud, which is great for customer experience. You will be surprised to know that worldwide spending on public cloud services is predicted to increase 20.4% in 2022 to total $494.7 billion, which is $410.9 billion more from 2021. 

CEO Barry Padgett says that their enterprise customer data platform is setting benchmarks using AI to connect with the customers. In addition, it successfully launched the Amperity profile accelerator by building marketing cloud activations.


Aporia is a full-stack, machine learning, and cloud-native platform. Its headquarters are in Tel Aviv, Israel, and Iran; Hanson is the current CEO. The startup has gained immense popularity in cloud computing as it allows data elements and machine learning professionals to assess, analyze and improve the ML and data strategies. Furthermore, being a complete cloud-native observability platform, it is a blessing for enterprises as best cloud practices have various advantages which reduce complicated tasks.


The startup Iterative used unique technology to build and collaborate with cloud-native machine learning tools. Based in San Francisco, the CEO of the company is Dmitry Petrov. It creates famous open source tools like DVC and CML. 

In addition, it builds enterprise tech like Studio to handle and operationalize ML models, datasets, and experiments. The company has integrations with cloud providers, including AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. Also, it delivers reproducibility, governance, and automation across the ML lifecycle. The startup is backed by famous names like rue Ventures, Afore Capital, and 468 Capital.



The founders of Apache Ranger found Privacy, which provides a single platform for safeguarding sensitive data across multiple cloud services. That can be the Google platform, Dtabricks, etc. In addition, it’s a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) data security and governance platform. It’s a great platform for securing and managing all these enticing data across various platforms.

Interestingly, Fortune 500 customers in various industries use Privacera to automate sensitive data. As cloud computing is shaping the healthcare industry, the leak of sensitive data can be harmful. The platform is regularly launching new versions to make the platform more robust, flexible, and successful.


Imply is a top solution for modern analytics applications. It was founded by the creator of Apache Druid and delivered a unique cloud database. It’s extremely helpful to the developers as they can build without limitations.

In addition, the limitless scale allows developers to create interactive data experiences on streaming and batch data. It continuously launches new versions to ease the end-to-end developer experienced in building analytics apps. 


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