WeatherEgg Kids were at the  2018 Hill AFB Warriors over the Wasatch Utah Airshow with Haight Bey & Associates.

Haight Bey & Associates do weather stations.  Furthermore, they have a government contract to support and sustain the US Air Force Global Strike Command’s (AFGSC) Fixed Based Weather Observing System (FBWOS) and the AN/TMQ-53 Tactical Meteorological Observing System (TMOS).  As a result of their weather interest, they reached out to DynaGrace Enterprises to provide a few WeatherEgg Kids activities for the STEM building at the  What an excellent opportunity to have children build anemometers, color in pages from the WeatherEgg Kids: Weather from A-Z: Coloring Book and build some windsocks.

Linda Rawson, of DynaGrace Enterprises, has a saying she always says.  If kids are going to learn science, why not weather science?

There are many reasons why learning about climate and meteorology are essential.  Weather Science is a big part of the “S” in STEM education.  Weather is observable and measurable.  You still have to record and chart data.  Make graphs.  Find trends.  We are creating little scientists in our society, and a hands-on learning approach is the ultimate teaching method.

Haight Bey & Associates LLC is a small, veteran-owned and certified ISO 9001-2015 engineering service company. Most noteworthy about Haight Bey is that they are focused on delivering exceptional and cost-effective systems engineering solutions, including technical and logistics services.  They provide scheduled or unscheduled maintenance, field and depot electromechanical repair, and system lifecycle planning, including new product insertion and product obsolescence solutions.

Whether you know it or not, your organization is subject to cybersecurity requirements is the motto of Haight Bey and they have made a name for themselves in the Salt Lake City area for Cybersecurity.


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