A Human Machine Interface is also known as an HMI. An interface by any term presents information to the user, allows the user to guide hardware with instructions usually in a pleasant, User Interface.  DynaGrace Enterprises is excellent at understanding the human factor and making the User Interface simple, intuitive and easy to use.


In the simplest terms and as is illustrated in the following figure, a Human Machine Interface (HMI) is a User Interface (UI) that allows a human to interact with hardware in a simple, intuitive manner.  Usually, the UI is designed with a pleasant color scheme and much time is spent on ease of use.  Anymore, if a child cannot operate the UI, then the UI needs to be thrown away and redone.

HMI Simple Architecture

Between the hardware and the UI is an interface that directs traffic and the UI interprets the signals provided by the hardware to present the human with alerts, status, and other information from the hardware.  The interface can also store information for historical trend information to be presented in the HMI as well.

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