Project quality needs to be delivered to get high customer satisfaction. However, the concept of quality is quite difficult to understand due to its vagueness. Different people tend to describe quality in a variety of ways. Even if there are a lot of descriptions about it, still there are confusions. It is a word that can have a different meaning to every person. Moreover, there is a huge different between the perceptions of customers and project stakeholders. No such standardized tool can be used for the evaluation of quality. Every project is unique in its own way so developing a specified test is not enough.

Defining the concept of project quality:

When it comes to quality, you don’t have to gold plate the products that are to be delivered to the customers. Also, you don’t have to include features that will not add value to the customers. The quality is a degree to which the characteristics or features of a product fulfills the requirements of the customer. However, it should be noted here that the requirements must be met to increase the customer satisfaction, not only for formality. There are some simple set of statements that are related to the project specifications and are defined by Kenneth Rose. These statements include:

  • Inability to meet the specifications will mean breaching of contract.
  • For completing the contract, you need to provide the specifications.
  • For getting more contracts in future, do more than the expectations of customers.

The difference between quality control and quality assurance:

The quality control and quality assurance are two terms that are used interchangeably. However, there is a difference between them. The quality assurance is an approach that focuses on the errors and defects before they even happen. Quality control, on the other hand, is an approach that focuses on identification and correction of the existing errors. It is done by the people who are responsible for the production process. However, quality assurance is done by the people who wants to identify the quality of manufactured product.

The cost of the project and its quality:

The quality of a product is often related to the increase of cost. This assumption is incorrect. Increasing the quality of a product will not mean that the cost will also be increased. When maintaining the quality is a goal from the start of the process, it does not require additional costs. However, for carrying out a quality procedure, it is important to add up the cost from the beginning. If the quality in the manufacturing process is ignored, it will be seen at the last stages of production. Detection of defects at the last stage can damage the reputation of the manufacturer. There is a need to discover all the defects at the early stage of manufacturing to avoid future issues.

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