The once a dream technology, 5G is not a future technology anymore. The technology is really here and many telecom companies and phone manufacturers have already started to work with it. Stats on Statista says that 5G subscription will increase to more than 2.7 billion by 2025.

5G forecasts


But, since the new networking system uses OpenNESS, there’s a lot of doubts about its security features. 

So, what exactly is 5G’s OpenNess and how is it going to affect its security? Moreover, will it work in favor of security standards or not? Let’s find out.

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What is Openness?

The openNess or the Open Network Edge Services Software is an advanced toolkit developed to take advantage of the Network Function Virtualization on 5g. The toolkit enables the high-end platforms to on-board the network and actively manage applications on it. 

The main motive of the technology is to enable open collaboration and innovation on the new 5G networking. This architecture eliminates the complexity of the Cloud and IoT technology. It’s also helpful for migrating applications from Cloud to Edge services. 

It’s also an excellent technology for data science and automation firms. Its distribution and open architecture make it easy to analyze/manage data and evaluate anomalies in it. 

Why Openness?

The earlier version of networking including the 3G and 4G technology came with restricted access. It means that the operators here have to stick with the close ecosystem of the vendors. It was really hard to integrate products or services once the vendor was selected. Not to mention the extra cost of these changes. The limitation simply restricted innovation.

The use of OpenNESS in 5G removes this barrier. It lets the operators mix and match technologies and equipment as per their needs. The networking technology even lets you use a commercial off-selves server with modular software.  

Security of 5G with Openness

While the Open architecture 5G seems like a risk, it’s not. In fact, the technology works in favor of network security and enhances it in multiple ways. The following are security benefits you can expect.


Opening the 5G technology ensures that every user gets full transparency over the network. It also helps to retain full control of the network. Moreover, the tech provides an adaptive environment that will adjust to changing cloud security trends. It’s also easy to integrate tools and architectures into networking technology. Thus, you get easy monitoring, mitigation, and threat management. 

Auditing Capabilities

The 5G technology moves ahead of the traditional monolithic approach. Here you have collections microservices instead of large network functions. It enables the operator to audit transactions. The microservices-based technology also simplifies network monitoring. Even a small data breach attempt will not go unobserved with it. 

Risk Reduction

The technology and networking trends never remain constant. There are always additions of new applications, malware, tools, and more that get added every now and then. Stats says that more than 700 million specimens of malware were added within 2020. The numbers are increasing and so is the risk that comes with it. The capability to integrate small changes and continuously upgrading can help with it. It ensures that the tech gets patches and upgraded to help in risk prevention. 

Malware detection



The biggest benefit of OpenNESS in 5G is that you don’t have to stick with shady vendors. If you find it difficult to trust them, you can swap-out any time. There is no lock-in to restrict your freedom. 

Silicon Root Of Trust

Not every function on 5G is open. The tech comes with a smart feature called the Silicon Root of Trust that acts as a protective layer for critical functions. The technology ensures that every server checks itself before restart. It will compare the data with the default configuration and notify if there’s any diversion. It comes in really handy to detect potential data breaches and hacking attempts.

Final Words

OpenNESS is a sophisticated technology that enhances the flexibility and transparency of the network. It’s not a risk to security. So, yes it’s possible to achieve both OpenNESS and Security in 5G World. 

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