Day by day, the popularity of 5G is increasing in consumers and businesses. Amid the current pandemic, 5G network roll-out has continued.

Global 5G equipment market


As more and more companies are investing in this technology, 5G stocks are likely to be market performers. If you want to invest in 5G technology, check out the list of the top four best 5G stocks to buy in 2021.


Qualcomm is a company that is a warehouse of patents on wireless communications. It may be going to win the 5G race in 2021. Qualcomm is truly an incredible company, and anytime any smartphone gets sold in any part of the world, it collects a few bucks.

Qualcomm’s latest quarterly non-GAAP revenue increased about 35%. Also, according to Qualcomm guidance for the first quarter of 2021, the company believes that its diluted value will reach about $1.95 to $2.15 per share.

It is assumed that 12-month growth of 76%, QCOM 5G stocks may play a good role in 2021.


Apple is another big company that is in the race of 5G. In the pandemic year, the company passes more than $100 billion in earnings in the quarter. The expected revenue of it may increase this year with high percent as compared to last years.

Apple 5G stocks


Further, it is assumed that the 5G iPhone series would make a big profit in 2021. So, Apple is a good choice to invest in 5G stocks of the company.


Ericsson is again a great player of 5G. This Swedish telecommunication company has a strong consumer base and infrastructure as well.

Every time when a company sells a 5G smartphone, Ericsson gets about $5 in royalties. It is assumed that by 2025, the 5G smartphone royalties of Ericsson will reach about $20 billion globally.

Further, it is among the top three companies in the world for 5G deployments. So, in 2021 also, it will put more effort in 5G and gain more revenue as well. So, you can invest in its 5G stocks too.  

Verizon Communications

Verizon is a provider of telecommunications and has upgraded its network to 5G for fast speed. In this year, the company is expecting a profitable revenue through its 5G infrastructure.

Verizon 5G stocks


It is the largest wireless network provider in America and boasts a market share of about 35%. The stock of the company holds good potential for future 5G growth as well.

You can invest in the 5G stocks of Verizon too in 2021.

Analog Devices

Analog Devices is an analog semiconductor company that produces high-speed analog signal processing chips. According to some statements, Analog can dominate the 5G radio signal technology with about 70% market share.

5G technology is in demand, and this is the reason why Analog is also focusing on the 5G radio signals to meet the requirements of customers. So, this year you can expect big growth in the Analog market.

Also, its 5G stock share may go up, and best to invest in 2021.

Final Words

5G is evolving technology, and almost every telecommunication company is working on it. There are companies that already have jumped into 5G, and their stock is expected to increase in 2021 too. So, invest wisely in 5G stock for the 2021 year.

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