Confidence is the one the elements that make successful people tick. It is seen in the way they speak, compose themselves and go about their activities. In the same way, confidence at work is indispensable. It affects not just your efficiency but also influences the productivity of an organization.

Gaining Confidence

Confidence at work entails a good understanding of the job description. For example, the skills you have obtained, the problems you solve and communicating this to others. The importance of confidence in your workplace is paramount. It encourages you to grow, takes on tasks that stretch you. It will increase your capacity to find your way to the pinnacle of your career. The confidence you depict inspire others and can help others find you reliable. Being confident will likely lead you to take on large projects. In turn, being nominated for promotion and other juicy recommendations.

Specific factors make people lose confidence in a corporate environment. These factors range from lack of the pre-requisite skills for your job. Among other employees, being the least experienced person. It can also be, having low self-esteem. Feeling intimidated by other employees. The fear of being fired. The inability to handle public criticism. Just being unnecessarily impatient with yourself. Or being stubborn with your superiors. Whatever be the case, you can regain your lost confidence. The right confidence will boost your maximum productivity and success at your workplace. Though this may require patience, paradigm shifts, and effort. The following are ways to ensure your confidence is always at its right level while at work.

Focus on yourself

Be deliberate about ignoring the politics in the workplace, activities that sap your efficiency. Instead, concentrate on your duties and handle them with enthusiasm and energy. Invest in yourself. Have a better attitude and guard it against abusive relationships and poisonous friends. Believe in yourself. Motivate yourself. Say things that are positive to yourself. Always remember that confidence is a product of hard work and a right attitude.

Strengthen your strengths and weaken your weakness

Boosting your confidence goes beyond identifying your strengths. It also entails building on your strengths every day. Focusing on them and using them to carry out your official responsibilities effectively. Once you always approach work from the angle of your unique strengths, you become more energized. Even more strengthened and more confident.

Deliberately building on your strengths makes your weakness almost negligible. However, be careful enough to note your shortcomings that puncture your confidence. Map out actions, identify plans, and act on them consistently until they are crushed. As you do this, monitor your progress, take note of your daily accomplishments. In doing this, you can also engage trusted friends and colleagues. Get their feedback, suggestions as well as their encouragements in your pursuit to boost your confidence.

Stretch yourself

Don’t always settle for the conventional, go for new experiences. Rach for more significant tasks, tougher challenges, hard assignments that will stretch you and build you up. In which will increase your confidence level. However, while doing this, ignore the temptation to judge yourself at the early stages. By comparing your progress with others who have been on the same path for an extended period.

Carefully handle criticism

Quote by Barry Finlay

One of the best ways to enhance confidence at work is to increase our emotional capacity in the workplace. Criticism involves understanding that your confidence might weaken with mean words of harsh criticisms. Our ability to handle an event like this is what makes the difference. It is important to note that co-workers might act or speak rashly due to stress, frustration or even due to their inability to see things from your perspective. You can’t control what they do, but you can always determine the extent their words and actions affect your self-confidence.

Regardless of your career, confidence in your workplace is an essential component required for your journey to the top. However, it is not gained automatically; it is nurtured, groomed by thought and awareness. Creative efforts, positive self-talk, and diligence at work help reap a harvest of confidence that will inspire and motivate others.

Linda Rawson is the CEO, and Founder of DynaGrace Enterprises, (http://DynaGrace.com) which is a Women-Owned, Small Business. She is also the author of The Minority and Women-Owned Small Business Guide to Government Contracts.

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