As the tech industry is ready to introduce the new wireless technology, it is unavoidable for myths to surface. The best example is how repeatedly links different conspiracy theories to 5G. Undoubtedly, 5G is one of the hottest topics in wireless circles. Below are five myths about 5G you need to stop believing:

Myth 1: 5G Boost the Spread of Coronavirus

The myth widely spread online is that 5G radio waves can transmit the Coronavirus. However, there is no proof of a link between them. Coronavirus does not get spread by any mobile networks. Instead, the transmission of Coronavirus occurs from person to person via direct contact or contaminated respiratory droplets. Moreover, WHO clarifies that Covid-19 is also spreading in some countries that do not use the 5G networks.

Myth 2: 5G Makes Smartphones Faster

Though 5G is around 100 times faster than 4G networks, it significantly impacts various industries, not just smartphones. In addition, the 5G network will improve IoT effectiveness, robotics, and self-driving cars when rolled out. For instance, robots can achieve full potential in manufacturing or other services by using 5G over the cloud.


The low latency of 5G signals states that robots can work with humans. Also, operators can control them by using AR headsets.

Myth 3: 5G Can Cause Cancer

It is a wrong belief that has existed for a long time, but WHO has proved it false. The health authority clearly explained that there is no significant finding related to wireless technologies such as 5G to cause cancer. The only health concern that any wireless technology can bring is tissue heating. It is similar to the reaction of the human body to vigorous exercises.

The International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection and WHO stated that the frequency of your phone radio should not cross 300GHz. Otherwise, it is not safe.

Myth 4: 5G Network Will Replace 4G

Another myth people spread is that a 5G network will render 4G obsolete. Moreover, the dominance of the latest wireless network is more like an evolution than an instant debut. However, it will happen eventually but not instantly.

History also proved that no wireless network has totally replaced its predecessor. In addition, 3G and 2G services are still the norms in some countries.


Myth 5: 5G Uses More Energy Than All Other Generations

Wrongly anticipated as energy-intensive technology, 5G is the first mobile standard that integrates optimized energy consumption in its design. Antennas of 5G work on demand and transmit data when required. As a result, 5G antennas consume half the energy that 4G counterparts per GB transported.

There is a forecast that major developments in different sectors like IoT and smart cities accelerate the energy transition. Moreover, they improve resource management in the next stage of 5G deployments. 

Takeaway – Myths About 5G

5G is the latest wireless network. It offers faster mobile communication by creating high electromagnetic frequencies. There is no evidence on myths about 5G that says that 5G negatively impacts the health of humans or animals. Many scientists have studied EMFs and found mixed outcomes.

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