There are many businesses which are online and the pandemic has forced others to go on. With the passing year we will witness the evolution of technologies and the solutions that will boost the software development market.

People are investing in AI-assisted software, Robotic Process Automation, Progressive Web Applications, and more. It will be interesting to watch what changes will be made in software development. This article focuses on technologies and software development trends that will evolve in 2021.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Powered Meetings

This pandemic has made online meetings necessary. Meetings can be of any type like standups, one-on-ones, brainstorm sessions, and others. Business owners are now showing up different and creative ways to monitor meetings.

In addition, some of them provide attractive backgrounds, slide share tools, whereas some offer facial recognition techniques to boost participants’ morale. Artificial Intelligence will improve our meeting experience and will see tremendous growth.

Progressive and Hybrid Development

Progressive web applications (PWA) is one of the latest app development approach in which applications can execute on all platforms. Only one team of software developers manage hybrid applications, on the other hand, native applications are handled by two separate teams: iOS and Android.

One of the best advantages of hybrid applications is they are lightweight, adaptable, and present on popular search engines’ radar.

Low-code to No-Code Development

Low-code platforms use drag-and-drop editors to allow non-developers to create applications in less time. In addition, low-code development has a lot of potential. However, with advancing technologies, we will see the age of no-code coding.

In addition, no-code coding is a development technique which involves developing apps without writing any code. Moreover, the no-code development helps new developers to create applications easily writing no codes.

Native Apps Overflow

Many enterprises believe that native apps are the future of e-commerce industry. Also, native applications offer several advantages by combining traditional websites and power of applications. One of the best advantages of native apps is that they are free from the obstructions which surround mobile applications. Progressive Web Apps are simple to use, lightweight, and native.

Human Augmentation

Human augmentation involves technologies that assist people imitate, increase, and surpass their natural skills. These technologies include devices that are built into the body. In addition, some of these technologies can convert sign language into speech, reinstate power of sight and hearing, develop tissues, and others. There are many other technologies which allows humans to perform things that are beyond their limits.


Cybersecurity has become one of the biggest requirements of businesses. As the technology evolves, the number of cyberattacks also increases. Many businesses suffered data breach which resulted in huge loss.

That is the reason why more and more companies are investing their money in cybersecurity. In addition, it prevents the cyber criminals from attacking company’s data. Also, machine learning algorithms help companies to detect fraud and protect their data using firewalls and other software. Read about the most common cyberattacks in 2021.

In this competitive world, advanced technologies play an important role in keeping your business ahead of competitors. Every business must be ready to adapt the changes made in technologies in upcoming years as it will decide your company’s future.

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