Our lives stood still when Covid-19 hit us. We all moved to remote working. In these times, technology has been our saviour. It has helped us in educating people and creating awareness towards the pandemic.

Also, it has helped us to connect with our near and dear ones even during the lockdown. It was because of technology that contact tracing and contactless movements all over the world were made possible. 

Technology Uses for COVID-19 Recovery

Contactless Thermal Screening 

One of the most common symptoms of covid-19 is fever. It would have been nearly impossible to check everyone’s temperature using a thermometer. With the technique of Artificial Intelligence, digital thermometers have been brought into play. They have been extremely useful at airports, malls, restaurants and all public places.

Contact Tracing

One of the most interesting uses of technology has been brought into play by South Korea. They have been very successful in contact tracing via the use of cameras, bank records, GPS from mobile and vehicle to check the real-time data of a person’s whereabouts. 

China has also developed a QR code system. In this, the person fills up a small form, gives information like their temperature and lets the authorities keep a check on their movement. This was very useful in cases of home quarantine.

CT Scan

Wondered how to know how much covid-19 has spread in one’s body? Well, with the help of another advanced technology in the field of medical science. CT scan provides internal images of the body, and within seconds, the doctors can figure out its spread towards the lungs. 

Work from Home 

The work from home that we’re all relying on right now is only due to the advancement of technology. Due to the network connectivity and cloud platforms, we can now easily save, upload and send data with full protection. The 5G technology may also empowering this new work culture in the future.

Contactless Movement

We’ve all heard about drones, robots etc. However, in China, they were used to fight coronavirus. Spraying disinfectant using drones and providing basic essentials using robots provided contactless movement in the country. Apart from this, drones were also used to carry testing kits, medicines and checking over the quarantine locations. 

Fighting Misinformation 

During this time of the pandemic, it needs to be made sure that no misinformation is spread. With the help of technology such as adding voice messages, giving information regarding the safe use of vaccines needs to be given to people. Google, Facebook, YouTube has also worked towards guiding people regarding the same.

Transparency in Data Sharing

During these times, it is imperative that everyone is aware of the number of cases and correct facts regarding the coronavirus. Applications like Tik-Tok, which gained fame during the pandemic, patterned with WHO to do the same. It has also donated nearly $10 Million to fight with the same.


With the world constantly moving towards digitalization, there has been an advancement in the use of technology. It is because of this technology we were able to limit the spread of covid-19. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, low cost ventilators have been developed. It is at times like these we realise the true use of technology. Salute to all those working day and night tirelessly for making our life easier. These are top technology uses for COVID-19 recovery.

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