The 21st century has experienced a boom, all thanks to the advancement in technology. The internet has reduced advertising costs on radio, television and other visual platforms by half.

Using Social Media

Social media platforms have gained momentum in the field of advertising, and they have become one of the sought-after tools by marketing maestros. Social media has helped businesses spread their tentacles via digital means. As a business owner, if you have not tapped into this means of marketing, it, means you have been living in a cave. You need to utilize these platforms to create awareness for your brand.

Social media improves your brand awareness

When it comes to brand awareness, the importance of social media is critical. Social media ranks very high when it comes to digital marketing. If you get your business on social media platforms, it makes your business more visible to your target audience thereby increasing brand awareness. If you go the extra mile to boost your business presence online on different platforms, it will skyrocket the recognition of your brand. Surveys show that about 90% of marketers who spent a couple of hours engaging in marketing on their business pages on social media experienced great turnout. No doubts, having a business profile for your brand will be the best decision you ever made in a career.

Social media is pocket-friendly

Social media will cut back on a lot of costs associated with advertising. It is almost free. All you must do is to create an account by signing up on the social media forum which is usually free. If you want to take things to the next level, you may decide to pay for advertising on these platforms. It is advisable to start out by paying little amounts of money to see if the paid adverts convert into sales. It is always advisable to minimize cost for a maximum profit so that you can get a healthy ROI.

Social media helps you engage your audience

Social media is the perfect tool for engaging your audience. For business owners who are always active on social media, customer interaction is always top notch, and their satisfaction is guaranteed. Customers need to be sure they are not dealing with unscrupulous individuals before they make purchases, by engaging with your potential clients, you will alleviate any form of lack of trust or worry associated with shopping online.

In addition to the above benefits of using social media; you can get high traffic. However, these are some of the things you shouldn’t do in your business’ cyberspace.


What not to do

Do not rush the process

In the bid to get more return on investments, business owners skip many vital aspects of social media marketing. It is essential to learn the ropes.

Do not lie

Do not mislead your audience. Avoid living a fake life on your social media page to improve awareness.

Do not be ignorant

Avoid being nonchalant or a snub. It is important to let your audience have a feel of your warm personality. In addition to the things, you shouldn’t do avoid vulgarity or use of profane words. Do not divulge too much.


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Linda Rawson is the CEO, and Founder of DynaGrace Enterprises, (http://DynaGrace.com) which is a Women-Owned, Small Business. She is also the author of The Minority and Women-Owned Small Business Guide to Government Contracts.

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