The time when females lived in shadows and did specific work is over! The women CEOs are ruling all sectors and witnessing a gradual rise in the tech field. There are so many successful tech companies with passionate owners who thrive to do their best. So, check out some inspiring five ruling tech companies run by women.

#1 Gina Bianchini: Mighty Networks


Out of Fortune’s 500 big companies, 41 have female CEOs; this number is less but increasing significantly. Women are becoming more aware of their potential, and these success stories are true examples. Gina Bianchini is a role model for many people. Mighty Networks a social media platform that focuses on helping businesses create online courses. 

Also, there are developed branded mobile apps and many other communities. For example, you can take paid courses and help companies set up online groups. It works on all platforms and has a great user interface.

#2  Sandy Lerner: Cisco

Sandy Lerner is a well-known name in the field of technology. She started this company by building routers in her living room in San Francisco. Sandy, a tech geek, is also an American businesswoman and philanthropist. She co-founded Cisco and named it after her homeland San Francisco. 

Also, she used some of its profit to pursue interests in animal welfare and women’s writing. Moreover, the women have exceptional leadership qualities. Also, studies show that companies that increased female partners by 10% saw 9.7% more profitable returns. So, the ladies rule every segment to create a healthy environment in global companies.

#3 Milela Druckman: GreyParrot

Mileka Druckman is the brain behind innovative waste management technology. The company uses Artificial Intelligence to increase transparency and automation in waste management. With many women ruling AI, this one is a very different approach. 

The CEO is very focused on using new technologies and making the best out of them to clean the planet Earth. This revolutionizing tech will solve the major issue of waste management effectively.

#4 Lynda: Lynda.com

Kynda is a self-taught web designer who changed the demographics of the internet. Often called the “mother of the internet,” she started writing web graphics in 1995. After that, the platform became one of the most popular places for audio, video, animation, home computing, and interactive designs. 

#5 Kimberly Bryant: Black Girls Code

The recipient of many prestigious awards, Kimberly Bryant, took her talent forward to help many people. An American African electrical engineer is very talented and determined. So, she started an initiative to develop a non-profit company, “Black Girls Code.” 

It provides young girls an awesome opportunity to learn programming and many technical skills. It deals with all the technology fields, whether software, hardware, or the skills you need to become a data scientist.

Wrapping up

There are even more stories about women CEOs ruling the world. Some of the Women globally are at their peak, budding stage, or aspiring to become one. Gender doesn’t have any role in determining your potential. So learn from their stories and find your inner zest to prove to yourself that you can achieve it too!

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