Generative AI allows companies to produce unique and realistic textual, visual, and animated content within seconds. Moreover, Gartner also predicts that by 2025, out of all the data generated, 10% will be developed through generative AI

This domain of Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized the creative industry significantly. This is what this blog post is about. Keep reading as we outline how generative AI empowers enterprises’ creative work in 2022. 


Ways in Which Generative AI is Revolutionizing Creative Work

Image Generation

Companies can roll out impressive, realistic images with the help of generative AI. The results are based on the user’s subject, style, setting, or location. These images are further used for commercial, advertising, education, and marketing purposes. 

Semantic Image-to-Photo Translation

Generative AI enables companies to create a realistic version of semantic images. Companies that work with travel agencies or the healthcare sector can use this technology to facilitate location access for users. 

Image-to-image Conversion

Many cosmetic and transformation brands use generative AI technology to help consumers see their probable future image. This technology is widely used in the optical, makeup, and fashion industries. With a few clicks, it shows the possible transformation of the buyer after using the products.  

Super Resolution

Generative AI utilizes different methods to develop new content based on existing ones. Generative Adversarial Networks – GANs, are one of the most popular here. It consists of high-quality generators and discriminators to create new and realistic data. This method allows companies to create high-resolution images within minutes. This technology is immensely useful for surveillance purposes.

Text-to-Speech Generator

Generative AI also helps companies to produce realistic speech audio. It helps them achieve real results in less time. Moreover, the discriminators serve as an expert who tones, accentuates, and modulates the voice accordingly. This technology is useful in marketing, education, advertisement, and podcasting applications. Besides, AI is also revolutionizing out-of-home advertising for small businesses

Speech-to-Speech Conversion

A revolutionizing application of generative AI that uses existing voice sources for voice generation. With this technology, voices can be quickly created. Companies operating in the film and gaming industries can use Speech-to-Speech Conversion to develop games, documentaries, and commercials without the assistance of a voice artist. 

Music Generation

Do you know this tech can help music production? It has advanced music-generation tools to create unique musical content for advertisement and other purposes. However, enterprises need to take care of the copyright and infringement aspects while generating music with this technology. 

Text Generation

It can generate text with state-of-art ML algorithms. It is also used in creating headlines, dialogues, or ads. Moreover, text-generation tools can also be used in live chat boxes and social media content generation. Apart from this, it is worth exploring how adaptive AI will change the customer experience in various sectors


Summing Up

Generative AI is a booming technology expected to reach USD 110.8 billion by 2030. It is one of the rarest technologies with wide applications across different industries. It is high time companies start investing in this technology to leap over the competition. 

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