The number of Internet of Things (IoT) devices such as smartphones, fitness watches, and more has doubled over five years. You can find these things everywhere with you, from remote-controlled electrical devices in your home to technologies that track your fitness level 24/7. 

The switch to mobile devices has transposed the process in which you interact with the world around you. The usage data by the IoT devices give you important information about the user’s preferences, behavior, and interests. This causes the origin of the concept of the Internet of Behavior (IOB).

What is the Internet of Behavior (IoB)?

The IoB refers to a concept that tries to grasp the information or data collected from user’s online activities according to a behavioral psychology perspective.

The concept investigates to address the matter of how to perfectly understand data and how to relate the interpretations to make and sell new products from an individual’s psychology perspective.

It’s also one of the innovations driving the future logistic industry.

The value of the Internet of Behavior:

The IoB is a powerful marketing and sales tool used in businesses and various organizations around the world. Using this tool, you can get in-depth knowledge and understanding about your valuable customers, which is mandatory for the growth of every business.

Benefits of IOB: The Internet of Behavior has the following benefits which help companies to analyze the past performance of a product and predict the future. Moreover, it helps to generate a considerable boost in the growth and development of the sales industry:

  • Analyze customer purchasing habits across different platforms
  • Provide real-time point-of-sale notifications and target ads
  • Study data about how customers interact with devices and products
  • Gain deeper insights into where a customer is in buying journey
  • Quickly resolve customer issues and keep customers happy

The brand-new tool of digital marketing:

The IOB influences consumer behavior and the marketing platforms used to get their attention. The following points will explain that how IoB will boost marketing behavior and more:

  • Big Data: With IOT, you can get information from multiple points that help you to explore the customer’s interest in the product, his journey to purchase, right up to the point of purchase. In addition, you will find new ways to interact with consumers to connect with the brand at an earlier stage.
  • Vast opportunities in the market survey: With the increase of IoT at your home, organizations will split their target audience into smaller niches to establish tailor-made contributions for the target audience. 
  • Access to consumer lifestyle information: The concept of Internet Behavior consists of a study of consumer behavior on social sites and other platforms and knowledge about their daily lifestyle.
  • Improving SEO: The use of artificial intelligence technology such as Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home explains that search engines look for understanding the user’s intentions, not just recognize keywords. 

Other cases of using IOB:

  • During the pandemic, organizations began to use IoB to determine that a person is wearing a mask or not. Also, thermal imagers are useful to identify people who have high body temperature.
  • The smartphone allows you to track an individual’s geographical position. Also, this is how Uber uses IoT data to check the audience’s choices and find approaches to customers. 
  • The facial recognition system determines sex, age, and mood. 

Final Words

IOB is essential to maintain a balance between personalized offers and customer reactions. In addition, it is necessary as it displays a high level of security to customer information. So you must learn about IOB.

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