Information Technology Trends for 2018

Previous years have seen lots of inventions and innovations that have shaped industries. Above all, they have expanded economies as well as the frontiers of knowledge. These technological innovations that pertain to information sciences include data security, sophisticated smartphones, and artificial intelligence. They have ensured that information technology remains dynamic in every positive sense. Trends Read More

Organizing Your Work Day to Be More Efficient

Why we need Organization The Chaos Does this sound familiar? Getting to work and realize you forgot your power cord for your laptop. Then you go to grab your glasses and they aren’t there. Another crazy day ahead. Now the whole day becomes a lot harder because you don’t have what you need. The famous Read More

Exercising at a Sit-Down Job

Cubercise So why is being sedentary not a good thing? Exercising is very important. Did you know that if you were to stay in the same position for hours and hours it can affect your circulation? It can cause harm to your organs. Your blood needs to be able to flow freely throughout the body. Read More

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (Bcdr) Planning

Continuing after a disaster Why Plan? There is no doubt that business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) are two overlapping terms in organizational planning. Both terms are processes that assist organizations to prepare for the unthinkable. Whether it is disruptive events—whether human-made or natural such as a hurricane, earthquake or power outage caused by something Read More

Portable Classrooms: Creating Flexible Classrooms

Introduction Portable classrooms are an innovative solution that creates a productive learning environment and caters to new and changing populations. They ensure the extension of learning activities during school renovations, new school construction or emergency situations. Portable classrooms are also known as modular classrooms and are equally useful as daycares, training facilities or professional offices. Read More

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