Emergency Response and Disaster Recovery

First response Media coverage Whenever disaster strikes a city or community, its devastating effects dominate the news. Footage and images of properties damaged, distress of victims fills TV screens and airwaves. Sometimes the emergency can remain in the news for more than one or two weeks, which means a long-term coverage. Evolution of emergency response Read More

Women History Month: Mary Katherine Goddard

Women in History Introduction There is none that can talk about the history of US postal services without mentioning the contribution of Mary Katherine Goddard. She is a woman of impeccable character and an exceptional track record as a printer, newspaper publisher, and a postmaster. Life & work of Mary Katherine Goddard Mary Katherine was Read More

DynaGrace Enterprises Selected 2017 Business of the Year

DynaGrace Enterprises was selected as the 2017 Small Business Development Center (SBDC) business of the year for Davis/Morgan Counties. DynaGrace Enterprises was nominated by Andrew Willis, the director of the Davis County SDBC. “The SDBC has been a very important resource to us,” Linda said, “Andrew gave us recommendations for our business that have proven Read More

DynaGrace Enterprises Ribbon Cutting

The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and Open House for DynaGrace Enterprises was held on Saturday, Feb 3rd. DynaGrace Enterprises has moved out of a home-based office into a commercial building in Morgan, Utah. DGE has determined their growth opportunities needed a storefront, and for other legal and regulatory reasons, DGE moved into a beautiful, rural, commercial, Read More

History of General Services Administration (GSA)

Introduction—what is the General Services Administration? The General Services Administration (GSA) is an executive agency of the US government responsible for managing equipment and property. It was established in 1949 and was tasked with the mandate of purchasing and distributing supplies to all government agencies.  This includes maintaining supplies of important materials. Among its functions, Read More

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