New research is using quantum computing and machine learning to find out what’s inside a black hole.

Scientists are doing new research by leveraging the application of artificial intelligence and quantum computing to find out what’s inside the black hole. The study could help understand the holographic duality, a mathematical conjecture, connecting theories of particles and gravity.

The black hole wraps space-time because of its surprisingly huge mass. As a result, its gravity exists and connects to the particles lying above it. Please note that the black hole exists in three dimensions while particles exist in two dimensions. As a result, the hole exists in the three-dimensional space and projects through particles.

Many scientists say that the universe is a holographic projection of particles, which leads to a consistent quantum theory of gravity.

What Do Theories Say?

  • Einstein claimed that there are no particles in the universe. There is just space-time.
  • According to the Standard Model of particle physics, the universe has no gravity but just particles.
  • A study published in PRX Quantum examines probing holographic duality using deep learning and quantum computing. The purpose of the study was to find the lowest energy state of quantum matrix models.

Quantum matrix models represent the particle theory. Holographic duality suggests everything in a system that represents particle theory affects the system that represents gravity. As a result, it solves a complex quantum matrix model that could provide more information about gravity.

What are Quantum Matrix Models?

Quantum Matrix model

Think of numbers in the models as sand grains. The matrix model is in the ground state when the sand is level. In case of ripple in the sand, you need a way to level them out. To solve this problem, scientists first considered quantum circuits represented by wires. Each qubit (short for a bit of quantum information) is a wire. Gates exist on the top of wires, and they represent quantum dictating how information passes along the wires.

Because Quantum matrices are one possible representation of a black hole, arranging them can help us know what the black hole looks like inside.

Final Words

Existing quantum hardware is not enough. They can handle only a few dozens of qubits. It is also very expensive for further research. So, in order to fully explore and discover what’s inside the black hole, more research and advanced hardware are needed. Nevertheless, the study can reveal a lot of surprising things about our universe.


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