When you hear term healthcare, you may think about medicines, hospitals, doctors, and many other related options. But, in the last ten to fifteen years, the healthcare industry has changed tremendously and has entered in the era of digital health. Now, the digitalization has put a positive impact on technology in healthcare.

Artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled medical devices, telemedicine, and blockchain electronic health are just a few examples of digital transformation in healthcare.  The dependency on health apps has been increased since the starting of the pandemic in 2020.

Further, in this time, many healthcare startups are growing and producing something innovative every day for people. According to CB Insights data, in the third quarter of 2020, this AI healthcare startup has raised more than $2 billion.


Here is the list of some healthcare startups that are transforming the healthcare industry with digital health in 2021.

Fisher Wallace Laboratories

As more and more people are suffering from depression and anxiety, clinicians struggled to meet the demand for mental health services. This is where Fisher Wallace Laboratories has created a unique solution for those with little or no access to therapy sessions or prescription drugs.

The startup has created a cranial electrotherapy device for people suffering from depression and anxiety. It is the only transcranial device available on the market. They have shown promise in clinical trials for treating insomnia, depression, and anxiety. This 20-minute treatment activates the neurotransmitters, including dopamine, beta-endorphin, and serotonin, that helps in lowering the stress hormone cortisol.


HealX is the new startup that is working on expediting treatments for sporadic (rare) diseases. Their product was awarded as the best AI product in health and extraordinary success in social use of AI in 2020. Their Rare Treatment Accelerator (RTA) program builds a bond between patients suffering from some rare diseases.

The accelerator they created helps discover new as well as effective treatments for patients. Further, the team of HealX includes AI experts, bioinformaticians, and next-generation drug hunters. In October 2019, it raised about $56 million.


This healthcare startup is working for the cure of neurodegeneration with immuno-neurology. With 40 novel targets and 4 programs, Alector’s program works around the immune system of brain. It helps to combat diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia. The medical startup raised around $176 million in 2019.

The clinical trial of Alector program related to frontotemporal dementia showed early positive signs. In the U.S and European Union, more than 170,000 people are suffering from this devastating disease.

Rally Health

It is another healthcare startup that is transforming the health care system. It provides personalized, data-driven health-related information while improving outcomes. People can monitor their health status, and can discover the right medical professional for them with Rally Health.

Its platform includes both self-learning and interventions to prevent chronic diseases.

Final Words

The demand for digital health startups is increasing. With technology changing every day and investors opening their doors for heath startups, the foundation will take us into a new era for healthcare and digital health.


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