Software development is one of the highly paid career fields. The average salary of a software engineer is higher than the income of people for many other industries. So, the more experience a software engineer has, the higher their salary will be. But all software development careers are not the same.

There are several fields within software development with their own set of rules. The income range of software engineers varies across different domains. In addition, location also matters. For instance, software engineers in SanFrancisco, New York, or Seattle often earn more than people working in other areas of the United States.

The following are some most profitable software engineering roles:

Cybersecurity Engineers


With the increase in digitalization, cybersecurity is becoming a highly-valued function. It is in demand by various tech companies and several other industries like financial services, banking, healthcare, etc. They prefer it to avoid different security threats. Because of their high demand, their average salary is also high.

Video Game Development

Many professionals are working in the high-paying video game development field. Usually, game developers manage the process of developing a custom video game. You will typically plan gaming concepts, generate storylines, and create custom visual graphics when you work in this field. Simultaneously, you will write a functional game code that involves coding the base engine.

If you want to opt for a career path, you need great critical thinking, storytelling, and time management skills. Simultaneously, you will need expertise in programming and multimedia development. Indeed, a video game development career is a high-paying opportunity.

Cloud Development

Cloud development is a new field of software engineering, but it is rapidly growing with many job opportunities. This is essentially involves designing, planning, and implementing the structural architecture with cloud delivery models.

If you want to follow career paths in cloud development, it is essential to be proficient in network management, database maintenance, and coding. Pursuing job opportunities in cloud development, you can get jobs with high-paying salaries.

No-Code or Low-Code Developer


The no-code and low-code development tools opened up various opportunities for companies to quickly create software without hiring developers. These tools enable you to create a web or mobile app in hours rather than weeks. Therefore, more companies are embracing low-code or no-code apps.

No-code jobs are good career fields to start. You will find a variety of pay scales and required skills, yet your coding background undoubtedly proved to be an asset.

Database Administrator

Database administrators handle provisioning, scaling, security, and optimization of data storage systems. You do not need any knowledge about security best practices, SQL and NoSQL databases, and basic scripting skills. So, you will also worry about minute optimization issues like fixing caches and indexes.

If you are a beginner in software development, begin learning about databases. You will have to know about appropriate database applications and how to optimize them at scale. This profile is in high demand because of good salary packages.

Final Thoughts

Software engineering is a great field, but it is not suitable for everyone. However, even if you don’t work for it, the skills won’t get wasted. Instead, you can look for one of the career paths mentioned above and earn more.



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